Saturday, July 15, 2006

Going to hell in a fast car

And keeping it hot.

Dayum this weather is for the birds. Well not really. The birds aren't too happy about it, I fear. There was a dead baby bird floating in the pool yesterday, and another dead on my patio walk this morning. Weirdness huh? Poor things. Probably learning to fly and just keeled over from shear exhaustion. I guess you can't very well keel over in mid-flight, it's more like a run out of gas thing. So I guess not only is the sky falling, so is Chicken Little.

So I sit, in my bikini, out in the yard, enjoying the sounds of the still-living birds. I figure as long as I have a glass of water for each Corona I should be able to keep dehydration at bay. :p I can't wait for the man to get home, I have ribs ready to grill, and I just made this killer pasta salad of my own invention. I made a creamy herb and garlic dressing for it. Jamie I'll have to type it up for you, (after I type up the eggplant recipe I still owe you.) Shit, I haven't been to your food blog in weeks. *hangs head in shame* :(

The Red Sox are getting their asses kicked around Fenway by the A's. Of course, it's time for the post-All Star Break slide just to make it interesting for the second half of the season. Zito had the stuff last night, that's for sure. Hopefully Schilling can scrape it together. Ace or no ace, I feel like he's getting just like Wakefield, he'll get the win as long as the offense backs him up. IMO he's no formidable god of pitching on the mound anymore, sorry to say.

My back hurts so I am resting before I clean up the mess I made with pasta salad. I may need to hit the pool again, this laptop is hot. Hee.

Happy hot weekend everyone.


Jamie: said...

's OK, G; I haven't cooked in weeks. :( I did make tuna and white bean salad today. I'm going to try and make oatmeal/cranberry/pistachio cookies later, after my migraine wanes.

*puts ice-gel mask back on*

Bee said...

The whole country is suffering from global warming. Isn't if fantastic!!

krysten said...

Jamie's not the ONLY one waiting for this eggplant dish!

*drums fingers on laptop*

your post makes me wish i had a pool in my backyard...

Anonymous said...

I think I hear RI beaches calling our names....when can we road trip ?? I'll bring the swizzle ;)cdk

D-Man said...

What are you talking about? It's the middle of winter!