Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Yeah, it's a boring post title but my brain has melted inside my head. That conjures up a Monty Python-esque animated image of my skull flipping open like a lid, and someone dipping lobster in. God I'm bizarre.

So D-man, if you're freezing your cajones off, then I guess we can sorta be even. If you're just raking leaves while the latest brew ferments, I want a cold case of it sent my way pronto. :p

CDK- I almost called you yesterday as I headed for the beach, but it wasn't going to work with meeting. Let's tawk about it for next time dahlink. :)

My poor puppy is a cone head. Yes, Diesel had the "operation." Now he looks like he can get me free HBO if I were to prop him on the roof.

Roonzie, we kicked some KC ass last night. I was thinking of you. :p Did you see my Big Papi steal a base the other night? He then took the base off the field after the game. ROFL. He kills me, I *heart* David Ortiz.

I have little else to say, and I don't have the time to ponder stuff and wax poetic and or sarcastic about it. One of these days I'll have a decent post again. Throw me some ideas. I have to post another exercise at What If? I let it go. Someone even posted a story that I haven't commented on. May I suggest Jobee, Digital Dave, Brain Diva, and Jamie for some quality snark and amusement?


Jobee the fat-free said...

you never write about monks, or silly stories from youth. Stop laying by the pool and entertain me by updating your blog!

roonz said...

You're bragging about sweeping a team that is something like 32-62? Dear Lord that is painful to type, let alone watch. Glad I came to mind though! :-) I watched the "highlights" on ESPN. I opted to go see Jack's Mannequin last night instead. I chose wisely.

D-Man said...

Cold weather is great for brewing lagers.