Thursday, June 29, 2006

Momma don't take my Kodachrome away

So g-damn busy at work. OMG that reminds me, I totally forgot to tell this story. My daughter had a project for school on beavers. I helped her by typing up the paragraphs for her, so she could cut them out and paste them on posterboard.

Mommy made a little typo.

You see, beavers build dams. Not Damns. Mrs. D told her to tell me that's not a word we use in 3rd grade. *snort*

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday! It's not just any Friday, but the Friday of a four-day holiday weekend! (My son tried to get me with the "Do they have a 4th of July in England?" joke but I didn't fall for it. Hee!) We are heading north, but I can't tell you where because God forbid I'm being stalked. It's a special day, and I can't tell you why, but some of you know. ;) What I will say is there'll be champagne in the hot tub baby! *weg*

Now, I had promised new music rec's but I'm afraid I'll have to keep them to myself as I wouldn't want to let anyone know what my tastes and preferences are.


I don't have a lot of time, so I can't link everything like I'd like to, but what is floating my boat these days are "The Alternate Routes", the release is "Ordinary". (That you can listen to on their site!) Then there is Greg Johnson and "Save Yourself". I know I plugged her before but the new Brandi Carlile is getting so much airplay lately, and I love, love, love "Throw It All Away." Gomez "How We Operate" is a really cool song, as is Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy". Prince's new one, "3121" omg, how cool is Prince? I know many of you don't like him but, Guh! His music is so good, to my ears anyway.

So that's the poop. Have a wonderful wonderful 4th of July! Don't get too drunk at the BBQ, and make sure you catch some fireworks.



Jobee said...

How could you not make any "beaver" jokes!??!?

And why do we spend so much time edumacating urban kids on animals that they will never come in contact with except for zoos?

Lisa said...

I am the slacker blogger of the year...but I just caught up on a few of your recents posts, so here are all my comments:

1. I didn't know our boys were so close in age! Mine turn 6 two weeks from tomorrow. And they ah wicked smaht, also, so maybe someday they can play together and invent a way for jetpacks to work without burning your legs...what? it's a pressing concern for them!

2. Sounds like you had a passive-aggressive stalker! That is kinda freaky. I'm glad it wasn't more aggressive...eek!

3. Have so much fun in or around my former neck o' the woods! yes, you should drink too much, and yes, you better enjoy those fireworks! And, no of COURSE the UK doesn't have a 4th of July. duh. They go from the 3rd straight to the 5th. :P

Joe said...

Have a great weekend. Good music tips. I have 3121, but I'll need to check out the rest.

Oh, and I sit outside your window one night playing songs inspired by your blog posts, and now all of a sudden I'm some kind of stalker? lol

Dave Amirault said...

Glad you're enjoying the new love nest. You may have to make room on the couch for me next season, don't worry, I'll babysit ;-)

I could be back east a little bit more next season, you never know ;-)

Giovanna said...

dave I can just see you babysitting my kids; you'd all be doing 720's off the roof into the hot tub. ;-)