Wednesday, June 28, 2006

attack of the clones

Someone made a "My Space" using my identity, and information they took from this blog. They used my real name, so they either know me, and/or pay attention and follow me over and read my other friend's blogs.

I don't know what think. Nothing malicious was done, as far as I know---all they did was plug the two writing links I have. (Which they later took down after ignoring a message from me.) They accepted two friend invites from people I don't know. I followed instructions from My Space and they took it down, but now I have no way of knowing who this person is; unless of course I seek the help of law enforcement which I could always do. (So if you're reading beware.)

If it was a joke, it isn't very funny, and then why not come clean after I sent a message asking "wtf?? who are you?" If it wasn't a joke, then why such an innocuous aping?

What I am now left with is the feeling that I cannot say anything even remotely personal on this blog. Which begs the response, "Well duh, G! This is the internet, you are putting stuff out there that anyone, including crazy sickos can read." But yet hundreds of thousands of people do this daily, some using their children's real names, and the name of the town where they live.

About 20-25 read my blog with any regularity---way less than the volume of traffic that Lisa, Leesa and others get, which then makes me ask, why me? I feel like this just serves to point out how naïve I can be, and still am I guess, about the world and people, and that makes me feel sad and stupid. Doing this brings me joy, and I know a few of you who write me saying how much you enjoy reading my words... I know many people who would say, "I just don't get the whole blog thing," but yet those same people now come visit every day. Now, much like the class bully, someone has to come spoil it for the rest of us.

There is a good friend from my book club who comes every day. "G", can you imagine being able to come over, with "E", or "S" and have coffee while I rant about some stupid shit I read, or tell you what great new music I heard? It doesn't happen, we're all too busy, or caught up in our own lives at home. You can't even make it to book club anymore. I know this sounds lame, but I can't picture myself printing out my latest story or exercise and handing out at book club for you all to read. It seems bold, if not pretentious. Putting stuff here gives people a choice, and in turn I know who is interested and who cares. I like to talk to people. Here I can talk to tons of people without ever leaving my house.


I'm just thinking outloud really. It's too bad Blogger can't be made private and by invite, but then that discourages people. So many of you don't comment because it's too much trouble, or you think you need to sign up for something.

I have to think about all this. And if the person who did this is reading, shame on you. Get your own life. I am going to check other sites too, and keep monitoring My Space. If I find anything else I will get the police or a lawyer involved.


Brain Diva said...

Wow, this is really freaky, G. I can't believe someone would do that. You'll have to email me the details on how you found out about that. *huggles* I'm stuck in the pits of dispair that is my f?&*&%-up laptop so thisi s only fueling my paranoia with technology!

Brain Diva said...

One more thing, I went on MySpace, and it is still there, G. Could it be a friend from back home who set this up? Whoever did this deserves an asskicking.

Bee said...

wow, that is freaky! I'm sorry, G. And to the person stealing your ID, please know that I work in one of the biggest lawfirms in the country. You mess with her and you mess with me.

Giovanna said...

It shouldn't be Gen- I did actually set up my own last week because JoBee, Ali, and you and Bee had... I found this one through a Site Meter referral to the "What if" blog. I clicked on it, and saw my photo, one taken off the Totally Toots page of me in a black dress in Florida. I am hoping the one you just saw was the valid one, where I am posing for a friend at work.

Bee said...

Whew! I found the legit one and thought, wait, I know Joanna, didn't I meet her in NYC?! Ok. I'm adding you then =D

Jamie: said...

I HATE myspace.

Dave Amirault said...

I can make you blog password protected and private. Shoot me an email.

MK said...

Wow this technology stuff is so overwheleming. Think I'll just go have more chocolate and snuggle babies. And just today I thought I might fall into a blog for kicks. Nope. Then again, showering is a luxury these days, who am I kidding.
Good luck. No, I do not think it is one of the neighborhood folks who would do this.

Brain Diva said...

Okay, G., I see I found your real profile. (And added you to my friends, by the by!) Still? That situation [Jon Stewart]suuuuuucks.[/Jon]

Anonymous said...

Hey G!

You know it really is a shame that someone has nothing better to do in life than that! You are right, this blog is special to me as well, working, kids and the whole nine doesn’t give me time to keep in touch with my friends. Your blog gives me the chance while I have a quick minute here and there to “check in” on you, see how things are going and what you are up to without having to “plan” around our busy lifestyles to get together to catch up. Unfortunately that is the world we live in and it is a shame.
I look forward to reading your blog everyday and hearing about the cute things “littlest one” did, how well “biggest one” did at the gymnastics meet and how “middle one” is turning into the little woman!

I hope whoever did this takes a minute to reflect at how childish and disrespectful that was!

BTW – hoping to try and make a few book clubs next season!

The other “G”

Nancy Dancehall said...

Ewwww. What the hell? That's creepy. Yes, shame on them!

Jobee said...

I agree with MK - I don't think it's one of our friends - we would just send you XXX links or try to pick you up. I just canceled my Myspace account because I was getting wierd guys saying "hey Baby" (on the other hand...). That place is spooky. Evil. Good thing it wasn't around when we were kids.

Jobee said...

PS - now you've really convinced me that my SVF page is private. You have to be registered with MSN and be on my contacts list to get access - or email me to be accepted.

Maybe close the web page too? Do you ever update it?

Giovanna said...

I may take it down, I may edit it... I don't know. I killed the link from here for now anyway.

It is teh evyl yes.

Daniel said...

Your experience made me go look up danielinthelionsden on myspace and I had a little spike of fear when it actually came up. But there was nothing to fear as there is this other guy who put his own page up in myspace without copying me. Whew!

That is just too freaky.