Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mahoosuc mountain high

This is the view up the Androscoggin River on a moist Fourth of July morning. I don't think I have ever been in a canoe before. I think I handled my paddle like a pro though. ;-)

So, the fine fresh air that brought the internet braless Tuesdays fed my soul this weekend, and that of hubby and the kids. Our skin soaked up the Sunday River, and served as a buffet for black flies. Seriously, those mothers are mean. None of this red welt stuff, they rip a chunk of skin off and you bleed. Health consciousness went out the window: bring on the DEET.

Emmy award nominations were announced today! Peter Krause did such a good job with Nate on SFU, and never won. I thought all the nom's were much deserved, it's a shame not everyone can win. I mean seriously; best supporting actress in drama? Sandra Oh & Chandra Wilson; Jean Smart, and Candice Bergen? How do you vote in that category? I am sad that Hugh Laurie didn't get a nod, but at least "House" did.

Oh, speaking of "House", we just watched Dead Poets Society last week, and I never realized that Wilson, aka Robert Sean Leonard was the main character in that movie! Damn he was so sweet and cute.

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Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL! We just got home from Rocky Gap Maryland this week. It was well worth the trip.

We have the Allstar game coming up this week, hope the burgh looks good. Do you know anyone gong to the game? I hope they take advantage of everything Pgh can offer.