Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Three words:

Karaoke On Demand.

Omigah! Seriously??? Seriously. My kids and all their little friends are in my family room singing Copacabana at the top of their lungs. And dancing. But not like Taylor, who is walking away with victory tonight.

I almost don't even want to watch it, it's going to be so anticlimactic, and I don't feel like suffering through some of the voted off people's performances. And God help me if Carrie Underwood sings "Jesus Take the Wheel" tonight. Then hubby will serenade us with the chorus for hours, and hours, and hours... *g* (I let them listen to the CD once, on car trips. just once. LOL)

So it's a happy-happy-joy-joy Wednesday in Metro West Massachussets. May it continue to spread your way. Go dance and sing while you cook dinner, or sing in the shower if you're just getting up, strip and go naked if it's bedtime. *weg* Carpe Diem by the balls baby.


Anonymous said...

Hubby sings the whole song baby!

krysten said...

ohmyfrickingah!! i just watched the clip of katherines Somewhere Over The Rainbow... *thud* SOOOOOO good!!

best. arrangement. evah!!

buuuuuuut, i think you're right...taylor is winning it. which is ok, bc i like him more anyway. more fun.

but dang! gotta give kat her props on that song.

MyUtopia said...

Hubby is playing doctor to my laptop so I am carpe diem-ing it up on the net.

S said...

Chris is the real idol.. we ALL know that right? :)

Dave Amirault said...

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