Thursday, May 25, 2006

Taylor made

Just for Dave, since I know he loves Idol, one last post.

Soul Patrol took the crown. Big surprise!

I can't find the ratings, so they probably aren't out yet, but once again Fox you have America by the balls. (We are all doomed.) You made us sit through 90 minutes of bad medleys and schmaltz awaiting the results, then things at least got a little entertaining. Meatloaf looked like leftovers that have been in the fridge for over a month. Moments of the night:

1) The weird Clay Aiken kid having the real Clay Aiken come out to sing. WTF was up with his hair? He looked like KD Lang!

Edited to add: Perez Hilton ripped me off ;-)

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

2) The homo-erotic "Best Male Bonding" award nominees, and the Brokeback Cowboy reunion. I loved that they had a real song to sing, and they sang better than much of the first half of the show's performers.

3) Prince's surprise appearance. He must really be hurting for exposure. But I love Prince. Love love. I thought he sounded great last night. Again though, WTF with the hair?


My walking training is going well, though according to their training schedule I should be walking 31 miles a week and cross training an hour and a half the other days, and that aint happening. I guess I better get my fine ass in gear. Please if you haven't already read about my goal, or have meant to pledge, check out my donation link. Forms can be printed and donations sent in by mail. It can be done anonymously.


MyUtopia said...

LOL, he does look like Lang.

Brain Diva said...

I don't watch AI, so I didn't see this, but yikes to Clay Aiken's haircut. He does look like KD Lang.

krysten said...

yeah, aikens hair was bad bad bad...

but i stopped short in the middle of a sentence and just stared unblinking, grinning stupidly through Prince's entire performance. LOVE Prince. i was sad to see his makeup looking so sloppily done though, he's too pretty to look that blotchy!

i personally thought the Best Male Bonding clip with Chris and Ace was HOTT. haha! rowr!

Giovanna said...

ROFL yes it was Krysten. Maybe someone should write some slash fan fiction about them... :p

Dave Amirault said...

Dang, thats a whole lotta walking. I only run 20-25 miles a week... Then again, I do ski 2 days a week ;-)

Yes, I know it is almost June, but we're still skiing out here.