Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Amused muse

It feels like fricken October outside. Seriously. My bones are cold. I just ate soup in an attempt to warm myself up from the inside out. When will it be springtime? I planted my vegetables! I want them to grow! I want to wear open toed shoes. Oh Mr.Sun, please come out and heat the Earth! Do I need to show more cleavage? Dude, we're not baring much skin until it's at least 75 degrees out.

"24". I'm sorry but, worst season finale evah!!!!! Argh! How could they do that to us??? You know what? It's Howard Gordon and those X-File alum's---they like those rip-your-heart-out-how-are-we-going-to-wait-until-Fall-how-could-they-do-that-to-us-WTF? cliffhangers. I wanted to see Logan pay, That was so unsatisfying. But then, Jack shooting Henderson like that rocked.

I went to kindergarten this morning, always a fun time. Today, my project was the caterpillar mobile. The kids were painting the stuff that was to hang from it. It was interesting to observe all of them as they decorated butterflies and caterpillars with watercolors. I wondered how it reflected say, their personalities.

Some took great time and care, to keep the paint within the lines or from getting too runny on the page. One girl pointed out to everyone that butterflies' wings are symmetrical. I was very impressed with the vocab on that one, lol. However, I reassured the children who chose 6 different colors for their wings that it was ok; we didn't need artists' renderings for this purpose. Some just painted everything one color, and said, "OK, I'm done!" LOL Some bothered to make them look the same on both sides, while other's took the opportunity to try something different with the fresh canvas they found when we flipped it over. A few kids have more fun experimenting with the paint, and what happens when they mix the colors, and the way it changes the water when they dip than the actual painting. We had lots of discussion on what "red and green make," etc. We mostly had a lot of purple and green make brown. But a good time was had by all. I sat there dying to get my hands on a brush too.

Oh, and if you're wondering, my little one was neither a "super-rushed messy", or a "keep it in the lines." Most of his colors all ran, and he prefers swishing his brush in the water.

Finally, product alert. Benefit's Bluff Dust. It's a yellow loose powder that neutralizes red and pink blotchiness in the skin. I used it over my tinted moisturizer this morning and was very pleased. I followed it up with a bronzer too. Someone went to play at Sephora yesterday, can you tell? I could be in that store for an hour, just looking at lip gloss. Speaking of which, I picked up Stila's Lip Shine in the perfect light touch of pink I was looking for. The thing is cool, because the cap locks; you have to twist it to squeeze some out onto the applicator tip.

My sister and I love to be product queens, I should start a weekly segment. Send stuff in!

Finally, new exercise and things to read over at What If?


Bee said...

My sissy and I LOVE Benefit. I use Playsticks(make-up), Get Even (powder), De-Puffing Eye Gel, Honey Snap Out of it Scrub, and my sissy uses Benetint for blush. Amazing stuff!

Brain Diva said...

I love shopping for make-up too. It's all about staring at the different products.

By the way, go see my Friday post for help with margins of your blog.


Lisa said...

I hate makeup.

...but only because I'm officially handicapped in that department. I should get a parking sticker.

Kindergarten is awesome. I volunteered for a field trip next week. It's going to be ok. It's going to be ok. It's going to be fun!

24. I was highly unimpressed with this whole season. More than half of the subplots were directly repeated from one of the previous seasons. Psh. I still love Keifer and will keep watching until it ends, though! :)

new exercise...yeah...maybe this time!

Anonymous said...

Sephora is one of those stores where I go in for one thing, and leave with a bag full of makeup, and leave minus $200! Taking Jen is financial suicide!


Jobee said...

Cleavage? What cleavage?

Anonymous said...

Kindergarten sounds so cute!

I may have to get a blog here as I want to start writing a weekly column (it doesn't hurt to try things, does it?) Only this will have to wait until after the Italy trip!

-K (dw)