Tuesday, April 04, 2006


I had started to post yesterday about it being National Napping Day but I was too busy napping. Just kidding. But spread the word about the benefits of napping anyway. Your body will thank you.

Yesterday I was actually busy fighting the battle of the buldge and the battle of the pee.

Yes, Diesel, the 8 week, 8 pound, fluffy bundle of puppy joy joined our family this weekend. He's a very sweet puppy, and in all seriousness very good. I was anxious about having to take care of him myself actually. Crazy? I was afraid he'd be chewing everything, and at my shoelaces, but damn if he has calmed down. I mean sure he jumps, but "off" is working well, and once given a bit of attention is content to just sit at your feet. Maybe my attempts at being the alpha-mommy-dog will rub off to my child rearing skills. :p

It was stressful come afternoon though. I had to take my training run, then take puppy to the vet, and had an appointment to have my nails filled and they looked like shit so I really wanted to keep it. Like I said he's very good, and wasn't much trouble. But I also had a ton of housework and laundry to do, the kids were due home. 3:00-6:00 has been the witching hour here to begin with, and I underestimated adding unbroken puppy to the mix. I mis-cued feeding him, I had to get Girlie Girl to soccer practice, was stressed about leaving a crated dog who hadn't pooped or peed 30 minutes after his meal, because I wanted to go from there to the grocery store, and Biggest One's school was having a Book Fair that he really wanted to bring me too, because they had a book he wanted and didn't have enough money during that afternoon. Yes Jobee, I am way to high strung. Like I told the hubby, sometimes it's just hard to go with the flow when you have to be places and get things done at set times.

So I went home instead of the errands, and tried to get puppy to go, which was just an exercise in futility, in the rain, with him nipping at the edge of my trench coat, or wrestling with the leash in his mouth. I tried again in 20 minutes. Same thing. We missed the book fair. I felt terrible.

This is going to be harder than I thought. But I have to practice going with the flow. I really wish someone would invent disposable clothes.

So today:
Took dog out.
Dog peed on floor.
I got kids off to school.
Cleaned up some of kitchen counter.
Changed over laundry.
Swiffer-mopped up peed area.
Went to gym, as scale keeps going up, not down.
Went to get rest of groceries I needed.
Came home starving, ate a banana while I took dog out.
Made a ham and turkey roll-up in an oat bran pita which I ate with a bowl of bean soup while I blogged this.
Now I am off to change over more laundry, and aspire to get children to put it away.
Do rest of the dishes.
Make sugar free jello.
Marinate pork for dinner.
Kids will come home, most likely before all of this is finished. Taking puppy to go pee will be factored into all this.
Get them to do homework.
Feed them.
Take Big one to gymnastics.
Clean up their dinner.
Get our dinner prepped for later.

I guess I'll have to go pee at some point too.

Hell, if Jack Bauer can save the City of Los Angelos in 24 hours, I can do all that. ;)


Jamie: said...

gah, G, my list is craziness, too, and has been put on hold for a migraine. I finally went in for a shot of Toradol today, so I'm full steam ahead for tomorrow morning. Go domestic goddesses!

Bee said...

Diesel? lol. Cute name. =D

We also thought about getting a puppy but decided we liked our beige carpet being clean all the time. hee.

Buena suerte with your list!

krysten said...

oh good grief! hope all that works out for ya.

with my little one being sick, all my lists are on hold too.

Jobee said...

Since I was named in the blog, I get to crab -- Did I ever say "go with the flow"? I'm a control freak and have the therapist to prove it. It's all about choices - you could have left puppy in the crate with a wee-wee pad, you could have had groceries delivered, you could have postponed your nails, your kids are all old enough to do laundry as well as put it away and clean up after themselves after dinner. No one can do it all, just the important stuff. It's all about managing conflict and managing resources, time and quality - that's what I teach in my Project Management lecture. You will have to attend next semester. Or read the Covey book.

MyUtopia said...

Your list wore me out. Glad to hear things are working out with the puppy!

Nancy Dancehall said...

Bah! Jack Bauer's got nothing on your average mom.

When we bought our Jack Russell Terrier, Sam, we'd take him outside and chant, Buddist-fashion: "goooooo paaahhhtteeeee...."
It kinda worked.

Giovanna said...

Omg Nancy, that made me laugh out loud. I have gravitated toward the high squeaked baby talk. "Go potty! Diesel go potty!"

And, btw, yes my kids are putting their laundry away, and cleaning up after themselves, which is wonderful. Jo- I never said you were the go with the flow, but I could hear you saying, "Why are you making things so complicated, and then the litany of suggestions you just made. :) LOL