Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Snow on April 5th

The flakes are huge; for a while literally almost golf ball sized.
I stared at them out my kitchen window, transfixed. Hypnotized even.
Snow on April 5th, I said aloud, which prompted Girlie Girl to say:
"That sounds like it should be the title of a book."
Or a poem at least, I thought.
So here we are.
With huge flakes of snow,
Not quite golf ball sized, but big and fluffy.
My yard is a giant chocolate pound cake with powdered sugar being shaken on top.
I wish I could eat it. I see a fat free Splenda® fudge pop in my future.
Last week the kids had shorts on.
The only bright side of this would be soccer practice being cancelled,
But there is no practice tonight to cancel. It's like having a huge storm on a Saturday.
Although, it is hiding all the junk puppy likes to chew while I'm trying to get him to go "potty".
There you go, I found the positive.

Ok, on to Kenny Rogers on American Idol last night. As Jamie would say, "The hell?"
My sister called me 40 seconds into the show with a huge "WTF did he do to himself?"
If his eyebrows were any higher they'd be on top of his head.

Kellie owned the night---shock! But I thought Chris, Mandisa, and Katherine held their own. That's my top three. Write it down.
My guess for this week's bottom three?
And only because she was there last week: Katherine. I think that now that the group is getting smaller, that third lowest number of votes could go to anyone, Taylor, Paris, Chris, Elliot…

Ok, I have to go. Puppy needs to pee. Things are falling into a routine. :) I'll post a picture when I'm not so busy.


Jamie: said...

I probably shouldn't tell you Yanks about our 70 degrees and perfect weather... but I will. *gloats*

krysten said...

haha, i came over here to see what your reaction was to kenny rogers. brad said "THAT'S kenny rogers?!?

all i could think of was how my roommate in college used to wish kenny rogers was her dad (when she was a kid). i could never for the life of me understand why.

i thought this week sucked. i'm with simon, i hate country music. i thought NO one did well...ok, maybe katherine. but even the people who SHOULD have been in their element (ie, kellie) still just grossed me out. i mean kellie should have made us go "holy crap, that was good!", but all i felt was "meh."

mandisa was awful...i mean that girl can sing, but that was the worst i've seen her for sure.

yuck, yuck, yuck. why do they even HAVE country week? at it's best it's whiny, drawling complaints, and meaningless dribble.

not that i have an opinion about it or anything though.

Giovanna said...

Seriously krysten, tell us how you really feel.

I hate country too. What's up next, anyone know?

Bee said...

When my brother was little, he would call Kenny grandpa because he looked like our abuelito. The only thing they had in common was the white hair and beard. Hee.

Anonymous said...

I saw that snow, and to THAT I said WTF!


Giovanna said...

Holy cow, shell---I was just thinking about you like, moments ago on my way back from dropping off at gymnastics. We need to make a date. I was thinking about Grub too, and how your piece from workshop came out. You need to read my Gather stuff 'cuz no one else does.

Puppy is very good, very sweet, and we're all doing well. :)

Anonymous said...

I would have never recognized him! Can he still sing?

Nancy Dancehall said...

Kenny Rogers -- yeah...he's gone a little bit Goth and a little bit Harry Potter. Behold the magic of botox and a good Glamour Shots photog.