Monday, April 24, 2006

Leggo my Eggo!

How long ago did that ad campaign come out? (And what is it with me and commercialism lately? Actually, it's not really lately, I am a consumer whore really.) Anyway, it took these guys at Kellogg's what, at least thirty years to make the leap from Leggo to Lego?

They now make Eggo frozen waffles in the shape of Legos. "Toast, break, and build." Genius. They've gotten my kids to eat waffles without chocolate chips again. Granted, when one of my kids doesn't want to eat the perfect tower they've created, it becomes an issue... My children must be consumer whores as well, as they asked me to seek out Lego Eggo waffles after seeing the commercial on television.

I have to say, I love grocery shopping. (By myself, mind you, not with three children fighting over which over-sugared, marshmallow laden cereal we are going to get in tow.) It generally inspires me to cook---something I love to do anyway, but looking at potential ingredients gets my creative juices flowing. As I thought about this, I realized it isn't much different than how when I walk through the craft store I am suddenly filled with a longing to learn how to knit or sew, or when I walk through Home Depot, painting and gardening suddenly look appealing. Maybe I have adult ADD. I never seem to be satisfied with any one thing without finding something else I want to be the best I can be at.

So speaking of gardening, one major accomplishment of the the week's vacation at home was getting the vegetable garden primed and ready for planting. We wanted to expand it, so after breaking my ass manually digging a 6 x 9 plot this time I would rent a rear tiller. When I picked it up from the rental place, I was filled with such a rush at the prospect of operating this machine; it was kind of like, "Martha Stewart meets Tim the Toolman." LOL

Unfortunately, even with all my super-fitness lately, I could barely push the thing around my walk to the back, much less actually push it through the dirt, so the manly-man husband needed to tackle the job for me. I was so disappointed.

I decided to steal a page from Jobee and chronicle the garden's progress over the summer. We're planting carrots, green beans, lettuce, peppers, and tomatoes. Mmmmm... It's fun to show the kids the whole process of where the stuff in the grocery store comes from, you know? Here is the bare plot:

Girlie girl can't wait to pick and make her own salad. :) Speaking of my dear daughter and shopping, we bought clothes together yesterday. The adventure warrants its own post. Stay tuned.


Leesa said...

I want to operate a tiller - but I am just afraid that I would till up electrical lines.

Zap. On the tombstone"

"Leesa the Blogger

Here lies Leesa
Winner of the 2006 Darwin Award"

Anonymous said...

So I should have taken you to the boat show so you'd want to be the best sailor you could be?

krysten said...

yay! have fun with your garden! my little sprouts are doing well so far...even though a cat comes in a night and tries its best to trample everything. hmph!

Jamie: said...

I love the grocery store, too. :)

Cranky Jobee said...

It's not adult ADD - you are just insane. Start working full time and stop watching the DYI network and all the ideas of gardening and creative stuff will be forgotten.

Is there going to be a fence around the garden or is there going to be puppy-pee flavored carrots?

Nancy Dancehall said...

Awsome! The bed looks good. Get yourself some floating row covers from They'll keep your sprouts from drying out and protect them from frost and bugs.

Brain Diva said...

You would love to hang out with my mom, the queen of all things gardening. She loves all those tools like you do. She gave up on veggies in our backyard (rodents, squirrels, and other domestic animals have killed the dream) but my parents' house is a real flower and plant haven. :) She makes my brother carry really heavy stuff like trees around the backyard. ;)

Good luck with the garden! :)

Anonymous said...

OK, I just have a Leggo comment. I love them dipped in egg, like french toast, then "fried" in a skillet. Not really fried, but like you would cook french toast.

Chris helped my dad get his soil ready for this summers vege garden. Nice Grandpa/grandson quality time.