Wednesday, April 26, 2006


"Mommy, Mrs. D said I am a fashion icon."

Oh yes my dearie, you certainly are.

My daughter has always had her own definite opinion when it comes to clothes. One fall I brought home a bunch of turtlenecks that she refused to wear because she "hated turtlenecks." That was the last time I shopped without her with me. She loves animal prints and tie dyes, and until this past year refused to wear anything but stretch pants. Athletic pants were to "boyish" and she hated jeans.

Once when out shopping (for me)---she must have been about 5 or 6, she would point to things from the carriage and say, "How about that shirt mommy?" and I would say, "No that's not really my style." I would hold up something and for fun say, "Do you like this?" She would generally veto it. After several rounds of this she said, "Mommy, everything I like you hate, and everything you like, I don't like." I patted her on the head and told her, "That's the way it usually works honey."

This was probably our first real outing that she suddenly showed a tremendous interest in picking out and trying on clothes. I was trying to find stuff with the boys, and she ran back to me and said, "Do you think camouflage is too punk?"

Oh boy.

She kills me. This was actually a lot of fun. We actually managed to not get into a fight, and I talked her out of the camo tank top with the rows of shiny gold scales across the bottom. She did however score the jersey knit capris with "Hershey" printed across the butt. (Who came up with this "words on the butt" thing? It had to be a man. No woman would design a piece of clothing that draws more attention to one's ass.) Her other favorite item, a pink tee with bronze appliqué that says, "Spoiled." ROFL. Daddy's little girl also scored herself a pair of earrings. The woman behind the counter was so funny. She said, "When you're the only girl, you don't need a reason to get earrings."

America Idol:

"coyoteincentralpark" told me, "mark it down in the blog: Kellie, Taylor, Paris are the bottom three." No argument from me there. If anyone other than Kellie goes I may throw something at the TV. Actually, it's a new TV so maybe I'll throw a pillow. Neither one of us could believe how bad they trashed Katherine. She sang her effing heart out---and well! Oh, but the golden girl Paris can come out and sing Barbara and not try to be too big. Chris though, ensured his place in the top two with that performance. Holy flaming cow. They really got him to sing from his diaphragm. I can't believe no other coach on that show has pointed that out to him. I just love that song too, it was the perfect choice.

Didn't you just love the little Ryan/Paula feud action? "You're a child, you know?" How many times did he say that??? Hee. Michael K's recap was funny as hell, even if I don't agree with him about Katherine and Elliot. Oh by the way, didn't you just love her dress? She was smokin' hott!


Jamie: said...

I should TO-tally take Girlie shopping.

~the 29-year old that still wears t-shirts that say snarky things across her chest, even though her mother says she's too old to do so. Oh, and I have camo cargo pants, too!!

MyUtopia said...

Your daughter sounds adorable. I also will be pissed if miss Kelli doesn't go home! I agree, I thought they were kind of harsh on Kat.

Lisa said...

I haven't watched yet, but I heard Chris was in fine form. Yum.

I was THE pickiest dresser when I was a kid. I spent my entire (small) portion of "school shopping" money on Esprit for years! I think it scarred me.

Dave Amirault said...

Oh jesus, it starts already. You're going to have the kid that wears the duck-tape dress to the prom.

Anonymous said...

My mom always says, "Paybacks"

SHe figures, I caused her grief, it's time for someone to cause me some.


Leesa said...

Okay, I watched my first American Idol the other night and I wanted to make two comments:

(1) I feel like an American now, and

(2) I thought Katherine's dress was bad but the song was okay. Apparently Simon recanted his attack the following night. I am not saying head was involved . . . .

S said...

all is well with the world now:)
She's gone. Amen.

Joe said...

Your daughter sounds too cute. Should be more fun as the years continue.