Friday, April 21, 2006

Fakin' it

Last week a couple in Missouri was charged with fraud after faking being pregnant with critically ill sextuplets and accepting almost $5000 in donations. In the same week, a former New Hampshire teacher was being accused of lying about having cancer.


You know what it is? Laziness. Why work toward something if you can scam someone out of a few grand. What's sad is that there are people in this world good and trusting enough to fall for shit like this. Between stuff like this and how the government treats us no wonder we don't want to trust anyone anymore.

Of course, thank God we have Dunkin Donuts to energize us. We love their new ad campaign. It's a catchy little ditty, implying drinking D&D coffee will make you "slightly more productive than you ever was before..." You can watch "America Runs on Dunkin" here. (Click on it Lisa, I dare you. :p )

Excuse me while I go brew more Starbucks. LOL


Priya said...

This happens all the time in my neighbourhood. Couples posing as married tell passerbys that their possession was stolen and they have no cash left to go back home. Sympathetic people end up shelling out money, but after finding these same couple dishing out a new story next week, they turn bitter and distrustful. The genuine person in need is the one who is affected

MyUtopia said...

LOL, too funny Dunkin Donuts!

Leesa said...

I read where a reporter dressed up like a pan-handler and made and average of $50/hr for 6 hours per day for one week. He wrote a story about it. It has been a couple of years I think.

Jamie: said...

and remember that girl who racked up $20 grand in credit card debt, on CLOTHES and then started the website to get donations to pay it off? She was on Good Morning America and everything. SICK. She's all "I know I have a lot of debt but I look so pretty!" and people actually PAID HER. It disgusted me.

Ugh. I want to punch her in the throat. Love, a girl who once worked 70 hours a week for 8 months to pay off her own credit card debt.

c.m.p. said...

Whoa. There must be a theme today. I just came out of commenting on deception on another blog.

All of those sound pretty outrageous. And yes, I'll agree that it can all be attributed to laziness.

I don't think people who give away money to these imbeciles should be entirely put down. It's just in our nature to be genuine and trust one another's inner--inner good? But, yes, people should still investigate into the organization and situation before they blindly hand out money.

Nancy Dancehall said...

That is so scummy!

Bud said...

Talk about laziness! Home brew is the answer.