Thursday, April 20, 2006

I must be dying

I was sick as a dog yesterday with a stomach thing. I haven't thrown up in probably 15 or 20 years, and can I tell you: I didn't miss it. What's weird is my muscles and joints are all achey now, plus I have these bruises. Someone call "House" to examine me... soup stayed down last night though, so I hope I'm good to go today.

The whole Ticonderoga thing has to do with the fact that you wouldn't believe how many people look at that word when trying to confirm my address and go, "uh...gah." I feel like saying, "Um, did you study any American history in grade school??"

And yes Jobee, the joke was something like, "Why would you tattoo 'T-I-N-Y' on your penis?" "I didn't. It actually says, 'Ticonderoga, NY." :p Speaking of tiny penises...nah, never mind.

Idol stuff:

So Ace is gone. 'Bout time. Shocking to see Paris in the bottom three. The whole voting thing is ridiculous though, I tried to get through for 45 minutes--- this was after 10pm, and couldn't get through. I know Katherine isn't going to win, but she really is a talented singer.

Did you see the preview for the movie, "The Sentinel" last night? For a minute I thought it was a special episode of "24" about to air. I'd like to see Kiefer play a psychopathic bad guy instead of the "I love America hero" just once. But how good was 24 this week? Holy Cow. My prediction? The FLOTUS ends up killing her husband in self-defense and that wraps things up quite nicely. LOL


Leesa said...

When I was in college, I think I met someone from Ticonderoga, NY. That is, if the tiny penis is a give-away.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Wait a minute...20 mean, you didn't throw up during pregnancy? GAA!
Well, I made up for both of us then.

Here's a sad commentary about school. O was interviewed yesterday by a 15-year-old girl in an accelerated program who 'loved history!' she claimed. He showed her a book autographed by Dick Cheney and she had no idea who that was.

We're doomed. I'm gonna go throw up now.

Dave Amirault said...

Sometimes I'm glad to not have a television so I don't have to be subjected to Ryan Seacrest. He's the Home Depot of tools.

I've been to Fort Ticonderoga... Wicked boring.

Anonymous said...

2 Points:

1) Only if your anus is bleeding and there is something wrong with you liver do you call House.

2) Ryan Seacrest is as gay as the day is long, only a gay man will ask another man "and where did you get that jacket?"

Bee said...

I'm sowy chica. I had that same bug two weeks ago. Did it take that long to get to you? ; )

Hope you feel better : )

Lisa said...

I would love to see that happen!! I have hated Logan from day one. he's such a spineless whiner. The Designing woman kicks ass, though. :)

No, please--tell us more about tiny penises!!!

Giovanna said...

I have no experience in such matters. ;-)

Anon- All I can think of now is this animated cartoon I have where in one segment the little cloud-like men sing and dance, and one screams, "My anus is bleeding!!"

Funny stuff. It's huge but if I can find away to upload it I will.

Nuff said on Seacrest. Notice he doesn't say "Seacrest out," anymore? He doesn't want to get anyone's hopes up.

I feel better this evening, we went out to eat with the kids before soccer practice because my house got cleaned today.

Nancy I was not afflicted with morning sickness, but I made up for it with a previa and bedrest for 9 weeks until I had a section with Biggest One.

krysten said...

ugh. we got hit by the flu bug AGAIN as well...its been like four times in as many months. this is not turning out to be a very healthy year.

Jobee said...

If you know nothing about tiny pee pees, how did you know what joke I meant?

kathi said...

Rent Eye for an Eye to see Kiefer as a bad guy, he does it well. :)

amusing said...

Smug: no vomiting. Fastest deliveries in the planet -- yay -- made up for the kill-me-now cramps through teen years. There's always some balancing that goes on.

Hey -- the Sentinel. Don't you think there's a chance M. Douglas is the good guy after all and Kiefer is setting him up so he can take out the prez? That's what I suspect. Someone else can go see the movie and let me know.