Thursday, March 30, 2006

Their hearts are full

The release of Jill Carrol has me ecstatic. I'm not quite sure why it affected me so when she was taken hostage. Maybe it's her youth, or the fact she is a young woman who would potentially vulnerable to so many brutalities, but the action haunted me for a while. It was heartening when we saw a new video to know she was alive. With all the horrible crimes we have been seeing, these senseless kidnappings and sectarian killings...the news that she was released---most likely with the help of Iraqi political maneuvers, and was treated well has restored some of my faith in humanity.

However, the fact that people in America are voting for Bucky over Katherine has me wondering if Fox is truly broadcasting in HD stereo to some television sets. I heard the morning radio DJ's talking about it, joking that "bad teeth are in." Look for Ace or Kellie Pickler gone next week, based on that theory. Oh, and as I was just reminded next week is country week; see ya Ace!

Seriously though, Ace, as pretty as he is, sucks. He insulted Train with that version of Drops of Jupiter. On the other hand, I heard on the radio that Fuel actually called Chris Doughty with an offer to be their lead singer. Can anyone confirm this rumor?

I need caffeination.


krysten said...

Ace is definitely pretty. but i agree...not liking his singing.

i'm still a Paris fan, me. although i give katherine her props, fo' shizzle.

Lisa said...

Yeah, Ace is a lame o.

Chris...YUM. I have not heard the rumor, but he deserves the offer. incredible. and, somehow, I find it even sexier that he's married to an older woman and loves her kids as if they were his own. he seems so down-to-earth and humble.

S said...

I was seriously shocked that Bucky got more votes than Katherine.
I like Ace, however, I really don't think his singing is that great..OMG..did he destroy my Train song or what?
Chris. Oh baby. He deserves to win over the rest.
If Kelly Pickler actually gets to the final 2, I am thinking my foot is going to go through the tv...I do NOT think I can stand another Carrie Underwood.
I feel faint just thinking about it.. I better go lay down.

Need to get rested up for McDreamy tonight! :)