Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Fly fly away

I had a moment yesterday.

I have children old enough to go running around the neighborhood, playing with friends. I wasn't worried about cars, or them getting lost; they knew when to come home without me even calling them.

It rocked actually. *g* I got through the rest of the dishes, listened to music and NPR, and prepped dinner with minimal interruption. I'm proud that we've raised them to be confident and self-reliant. I hope they never fear to fly. I hope they never look back. Except at Christmas time or if their father or I get really sick. LOL.

Lest I get mired in nostalgic longing for my "babies", our new arrival is coming Saturday. Not from the stork, but a green minivan via I-95. I haven't had a dog since I was a child, and I am looking forward to that sweet little ball of unconditional love---I'm just not looking forward to housebreaking and potential home destruction. LOL Though soon enough, little diesel will be old enough to go off to play with the kids.

Littlest One wanted to cuddle before I tucked him in last night. It felt good, and a nice reminder that they'll always be my "babies".


Leesa said...

Nice memories. Having kids would terrify me now-a-days. But I would still want to sign up for that!

MK said...

Way to carpe diem the moment woman! Thanks for helping remember to appreciate the snuggle hugs I am getting right now while they are little.

Isn't it something to spend a weekend with friends you've had for over 20 years then spend time with your own family. Your previous post made me wistful for a visit to NYC. Even now some small thing will remind me of something somebody did 20 years ago on some stoopid weekend, or just hanging out at someone's house or the telephone company. I should scan my pix and send them around from then. You should, too.

Bee said...

Congrats on the new pup! Have you guys named him/her?

Nancy Dancehall said...

Those are the Best Moments Ever.