Friday, March 03, 2006

Let's make some money!

ohmigah, could that biyatch be anymore shallow? She showed her true colors last night for sure. Listen honey, Clive Davis is so not going to call your ass because you can't sing. She was flatter than Nicole Ritchie's chest last night, too busy worrying about milking her last two minutes of fame.

Wow, I'm harsh huh? Don't get on my bad side. Actually, little sissy is even worse, put the two of us together and you will have the hex put on you. Seriously.

On to the most embarrassing moment of the week; perhaps the year.

I dropped my work beeper into the toilet last night.

I'll give you a moment to stop laughing.

See, it was attached to the waistband of my pants. Sometimes I accidentally clip it on my panties too. I usually notice it though when I... well you get the picture. The hard part was going to the telecom center to get a new one.

Have a great weekend.


krysten said...

dont feel bad, my mom just recently dropped all her keys down the toilet and FLUSHED them.

also, she was at the zoo in atlanta, and her spare cars keys were here in AZ with me.


Anonymous said...

If it's a problem when you clip to both your panties and pants I have the solution. Just don't wear one or the other. ;)


Bee said...

I once dropped my compact down the toilet. Ugh. But after hearing that ice in vending machines have more bacteria than toilets, I probably should have kept using it. Hmm. . . .= 0

Anonymous said...

You can't blame a girl for trying. I thought she had alot of sass. I reserve the hex for the beaty kid from Long Island.

MK said...

When C was 17 months he ran into the bathroom just as i was flushing and he threw his kazoo in. Did I mention it was at the place we were housesitting?

Jobee said...

did you have to fish it out and return it to IT? I would have just said it fell in a puddle if it didn't smell like pee.

S said...

That picture of Nicole Ritchie was just nasty...what the hell is she thinking? Does she have an eating disorder now? or what? She looked so much better before.

and that is too funny about your beeper:) Hope you got a new one.:)

Leesa said...

Sorry to hear about your beeper.