Sunday, March 05, 2006

Oh Oscar! *edited for the morning after*

Ok, I'm at work, but timed my break to catch the beginning of the Oscars. :)

Omigah--- can George get any more handsome? Matt Dillon is aging quite well too. So far though I haven't been that impressed with the ladies' gowns. I don't like Nicole in light colors, and Michelle Williams just threw me off with the red lipstick with that yellow dress. I thought Felicity Huffman looked beautiful, but in the pic I found I am not sure I like the dress as much.

Jon did not disappoint me. *hearts Jon* Best joke of the opening? "Bjork can't make it tonight, she was trying on her Oscar dress and Dick Cheney accidentally shot her." ROFL.

I will update later or tomorrow. Feel free to dish in the meantime while you watch.


An upset! Not that I can say much, I didn't see any of this year's nominated movies for Best Picture, LOL. I did watch The 40 Year Old Virgin Friday, so we'll slowly catch up. (Which was hilarious, and loved it.)

I heard some people thought Crash was "preachy" but I'd like to see it. Which should I see first? Tell me, tell me true.

Seriously, the fashion sucked. No one stood out, except for Dolly's breasts, and Michelle Williams beacon of yellow. Reese's acceptance speech was adorable. Love her! The old western montage with the subversive homo-erotic twist was just hysterical. I have to consult my DVR for the fake commercials because I missed that part.

I think Jon did a great job. Pooh on you Tom Shales!

Ok, I will be scarce for a while, I have training to start, books to read, house to clean up, appointments... Gah, life was so chilled out the last two weeks, wha happened?

*blows kisses*

Later gators.


Joe said...

Though Reese's comments about doing great work seem to clash with her role in Legally Blonde.

Bee said...

I liked Legally Blonde! But only the first one. I have my self-respect to uphold.

Something about Reese just bugs me. Her and Jennifer Garner try way to hard to be cute.

S said...

George fricking Clooney is so incredibly handsome.. and with that salt and pepper hair? GEEEEZ, he is aging so well...and I agree..Matt Dillon is looking good too for his age.

Jamie: said...

I like her. I think she does a good job keeping her kids out of the press and seems to come off really down to earth and non-Hollywood. She doesn't even live there, I don't think.

And what's wrong with doing a romantic comedy or two during your career? Tom Hanks does it. So do a lot of people. Salma Hayek. Brenden Fraser. John Cusack. Rachel Weiss. I mean, I like watching fluffy movies and important art films, so I imagine actors enjoy the variety as well.

Jamie: said...

And G, I'm totally with you on the flesh-colored dress thing. WAY too many people do it and it's really not flattering.

Lisa said...

Yes, Jon Stewart is dreamy in all the best ways...

40 YOV=awesome

You should definitely see Crash. I didn't think it was preachy at all.

see you in a week!