Thursday, March 02, 2006

I have no clever title today

As it turns out, after a good ol' fashioned dose of ranting Catholic mommy guilt to all three children over dinner my darling daughter came down for school impeccably groomed this morning and proudly breathed in my face. Not that I won't add punishments that I actually impose to my reportois but I like the idea of the "look" too.

Do you remember my rant over the Boston Archdiocese wanting an exemption from anti discrimination laws to prevent same sex couples from adopting children? Well this is the kind of civil disobedience I like:

Seven members of Catholic Charities Board of Directors resign over Bishop's policy.

Ok, so it's not really disobedience but it makes a statement. It heartens me to know that people care enough to voice it, and not only that, there are companies willing to put money where their mouth is and threaten to pull major donations because of this issue. It sucks for all the other good work the organization does though.

American Idol boot-off show tonight. My predictions?

Sway, Time to go away...

David, you are so cute but you sucked last night.

I hate this bitch. She better be at the bottom.

Only room for one perky blond per final twelve.

Go Elliot!!! God I wish I could get an oral surgeon to fix his teeth before it's too late. Go Ayla! Everyone vote for Ayla! She's local!

ETA: Am I good, or WHAT?


Anonymous said...

Local smokal! She's no Paris.

Thats HOT

Giovanna said...

I love Paris, but Mandisa has it over her big time. No pun intended.

MyUtopia said...

Mandisa is pretty cool. I like hicks and think that "Sway" needs to go home.

Anonymous said...

Mandisa will never win.

Pinky bet?