Sunday, March 19, 2006

I said hotel; motel, Holiday Inn

I pull the covers up higher, until I am one with the cotton.
We are the same temperature, and share the same scent.
I can melt into my mattress.
My fibrous being is light and pliable.
Blow me away like dandelion clocks.
I will carry your wish for you.

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. When do I ever really? But duty called. So I drowned my irritability in a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich.
I'm not really irritable, that is just a good excuse. I was starving and craving grease.

Work has finally quieted down, so I am being bad and blogging.
It's "Spring Break" pharmacy right now. Yahoo Music rocks. When was the last time you heard "Love Rollercoaster?"
One of my co-workers asked what the "theme" of my blog was; what was it about?
I was at a loss for words, when my other co-workers (who reads me! Whee!) muttered, "Seinfeld".
That is it. SO it. It's a blog about nothing. But aren't most blogs?

On my way in, I was listening to the soundrack to "Chicago" and singing the CZJ part at full voice thinking, "man I want to karaoke again, this song would kick ass." It then struck me, I really am such an attention whore. Granted this is not news really. I don't think I'm one of those obnoxious narcissists though, since I do have a lot of friends who love me, and I would hope if they thought I was a pain-in-the-ass-shit they'd tell me. And Jobee you be quiet. :p

I just love to entertain people, be it singing, blogging, cooking for them, regaling them with stories, doing a striptease to Robert Palmer's "Addicted to Love"(---in the privacy of my own home for an exclusive audience mind you... I think that is my calling. I am most happy when I am making others happy. Though I wonder, some might say I just get off on all the attention. Doesn't everyone like affirmation and attention though? Seriously. It's not like I walk around at a party going, "Hey! You're not paying attention to me dammit!"

Not that I go to many parties. Which is too bad, because hubby and I are often the life of the party. No really.

Nancy, I freaking love "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!" I download the podcast for my walks. I *heart* NPR, it's like my best friend. The things we have in common are starting to frighten me. Just kidding.

mykl jon, I am so glad you came by. :)

Ciao bellas.

If you want to read something else I wrote, I published it to Gather.

I think I need to stop being long winded now.

ETA: AAAAH. We just got a leech delivery!


Lisa said...

I hope you got to sleep in today! Or at least have another bellyful of yummy grease-stuffs.

your opening was lovely...

LazyLazyMe said...

Hey Toots.

Incredibly kind of you to stop by my humble blog. I hope it was an enlightening experience.

We would indeed laugh at the overt underwear on show. But I hate all thongs I have to say. Give me some mystery for God's sake.

There's a girl at work whose arse crack I have to contemplate each day for this very reason. It's just awful. I want to cut the fucking thing off.

Hmm, I clearly have some anger issues here. Good good.

Anyway, this was supposed to be about you. Ahem. I enjoyed my first look (I know, I should have visited earlier, you know how it is...I'd have to get a 'sitter, the cat needs its eye drops etc.) at your blog, keep it up.

mykl jon said...

Your little poem did blow me away like dandelion clocks.
Very nice! I have to remember to squirt out more poetry at my place. It's beginning to look like a man's house decorated with plaid and antlers.
I'll have to check out "Gather"... whatever that is.

Giovanna said...

Lisa, your comment confused me until I noticed I forgot to change the date on my post, I put the poem up there yesterday and saved it to draft, LOL I'll have to fix that.

Lazy, I'm so glad you came by. Such a wonderful consortium of prosaic prose composers we are forming. Do you ever use the word "randy?"

MK said...

wait wait RULES. my weekend is not complete without catching wait wait, weekend addition-- 'the voices in the news' and the king- puzzleman.