Friday, March 17, 2006


Fear not. The Feds did not get me for piracy,lewd behavior, executing my first amendment rights.

It's all good. Blogger just had a mini-stroke. I called for some TPA stat, it's all better now. (That's medical talk, you know.)

I prescribe an anti-viral, and a full scan. (Get it? Anit-viral?)

We do tend to personify computers though.

I have all these flowy-prosey thoughts in my head, but I am incredibly busy so I will try to post them later. Or... I might try my first audio post when I am out with my friend Shell tonight.

Stay on the edge of your seat now.

Oh, and Nancy Dancehall, if you see this I was so pissed because I wanted to comment on your blog and you were obviously afflicted with the same blogger flu. I saw the pictures of your bathroom project... and seriously, not only do we both get into the wrong cars in parking lots but I have the same ugly tile and leaking pipes behind them!

Ack, I just went there and you seem to be still in distress! Only your top half appears! Well, if her site ever comes back you should go read her writing she is very good. Better than me even. ;-)


MyUtopia said...

Yeah, the men in black didn't take you away :)

Giovanna said...

I am going to lose my mind. I think they are f*cking with me. It's up for a while, then it's down again...


Bee said...

I kept getting the "forbidden" page. I thought my job had started screening my blog pages!

Anonymous said...

I loved the "Medical speak"


Giovanna said...

"I do it all for you" pgh. :p

Will you cath me if I need it? And not a foley dammit.

Dave Amirault said...

Time to move your blog to your own webserver ;-)

D_Man said...

My previous blog service went down all the time.
And not in a good way.


Nancy Dancehall said...

Hello hello!

Dang it! I tried to get to your site all day yesterday(minus bathroom breaks), without any success. My blog is still in a coma, it seems, with a few lucid moments here and there. I'm glad you're back on.

Wow, so we're tile twins too. I have some extra avacado green tiles I can send you, in case yours are falling off the wall like mine did.

Giovanna said...


try going under your template and republish, that fixed my last bout of errors.

Dave- I'd have no idea how to begin publishing on my own server. Well, I have somewhat of an idea, I'd need a domain and publishing software.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Thanks! That did the trick.

mykl jon said...

I tried to stop over for a visit after a comment of yours, on Boredhousewife, in response to my comment and because you were recommended by Nancy Dancehall.
(I dig her prosaic prancing.)
When I tried, you were not available as was Nancy.
I was bummed but determined to keep trying.
Now that I have had success I look forward to visiting again.