Thursday, March 16, 2006

Take a deep breath

In through the nose...
out through the mouth.

Feel good? Yeah baby. Although it would feel better if you were outside in the fresh air instead of at a computer.

I don't have a lot of time to post today, so I'm using my blog as a public service announcement.

Do you remember the commercial during the Super Bowl telling us to "Go Yellow?" It was part of a campaign to raise awareness for E85 fuel, an alternative fuel made up of 85% ethanol and only 15% gasoline. It's cheaper, less harmful to the environment, renewable, and reduces our need to rely on foreign oil. Much information can be found at the site I linked above, and at The National Ethanol Coalition. The problem is, while more and more car manufacturers are making "flexible fuel vehicles" there are very few stations, especially the more east you go, that provide E85.

There have been bills put forth to give tax and infrastructure incentives to station owners who want to sell E85. I urge my US readers to contact their legislators. It's easy! You can look up who they are, and shoot them off an e-mail right through


I cannot believe Kevin Covias got more votes than Ace and Lisa. Go Mandisa! Go Elliot!

I promise loads of prose and opinion tomorrow. Duty calls.

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MyUtopia said...

I know what is up with that? Stupid 12 year old girls and there silly votes. He picked up all of Will's fans now.