Monday, March 20, 2006

Welcome Spring!

Boston current conditions
Partly Sunny23° F At Logan AirportAs of 7:55 AM

RealFeel temp: Explain 5° F
Relative humidity: 54%
Wind direction: NW
Wind speed: 18 mp/h
Barometric pressure: 29.99 in
Visibility: 10 miles
Tanning index: Explain 1 of 10


Nice. I am not running outside today. Treadmill all the way.

Now that I can't ski anymore, winter can go. I want warm. I want my bikini. I want cold beers on my deck while my kids swing in the yard. I want Misquamicut beach and hiking Mt.Will in Maine.

I hear Colorado got dumped on, and it's heading for Nebraska. I'm thinking of you roonzie. Hee. :p


jonz said...

Not so desperate eh? So...... just a little bit desperate?!

Joe said...

Nothing like a little Weezer to get the frigid work week started.

Giovanna said...

Hi Joe! I loved your pictures last Friday.

jonz, it's sort of like, not really desperate at all. When I started the show was very popular, so I was spoofing it. I'm more of a Lynette than a Gabrielle

I checked out your blog, and it's always nice to meet a crusader. Rock on bloke.

Lisa said...

Yeah, we had tons of snow, too. It doesn't feel very much like spring today.

Where is Mt. Will? And is he hot?

Giovanna said...

I just nearly spit out my lunch with that remark.

Nancy Dancehall said...

Yup, we got dumped on. I'm dying to go digging, but I've spent the last hour toasting my (dare I say it?) tootsies by the fire and eating cookies.

Mounting Will? I'm usually willing to mount.

mykl jon said...

Climb Mt. Will until you reach the peak. When you find yourself on top of Mt. Will and breathing hard from your exhilirating efforts to reach the climax, you may be filled with a gush of emotions. This is Mt. Will at it's best.