Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Writing about dreaming of writing about dream boys

Jamie is fueling my love of television and its wonderful characters and protagonists. Not that it needs much stoking; I've always been a huge TV addict. Oh how I hated the fact that I worked every Thursday evening during the age of "Must See TV." (A good gift for me would be Seinfeld or Friends DVD's so I don't feel like such a leper amongst my peers.) Anyway, we have been sharing our mutual passion for "24", Grey's Anatomy, and House. The other show I love that she doesn't watch is Boston Legal, but I know Shell does and I think she reads this. *waves to Shell*

My sister of course is even worse than Jamie and I put together. I rave about GA and House to her and she says, "I just can't take on another show." Mwah! Too funny but it's true. When she told me Tivo would "change my life" she was right. The problem is finding time to watch everything you have the potential to record. I used to record Prison Break, Numbers, and Bones, but I never watched them so I stopped.

After a recent "catch up" session I found myself thinking how freaking amazing it would be if there was a crossover episode with House and James Spader's character Alan Shore on Boston Legal. Think about it, these two brilliant minds of their respective fields getting together for a case. Like, Alan could subpoena House for a complicated medical case! Then I started thinking, imagine if we could somehow incorporate Jack Bauer and Dr. McDreamy! That might be a bit much though, trying to figure out why we'd need a counter terrorist and another doctor on the episode, although House isn't a surgeon and Derek is… Hmmm and maybe it could all be tied into to biological attack… Maybe I should write it. (Back in the day, Mulder would be in it too, but he isn't on TV anymore so nyeh!)

Speaking of writing, there is a website my friend Shell showed me that she writes for that is having a Valentine's Day fiction contest for a love story under 1000 words. I think the "moon" story (M-O-O-N that spells Tom Cullen!) might just fit that bill, though it is terribly sad. Also, I am up next at Just Waking, so stay tuned. KyuBall updated the other day. I think crossover fan fiction may have to wait. LOL


MyUtopia said...

I do that with TV too! Since 24 and American Idol started I felt I needed to drop two shows. Then I picked up Smallville so I had to drop another. I fear that TV will take me over completely if I don't monitor myself. Remember that cartoon from Shel Silverstien where the boy turns into a TV.?

Joe said...

Then Mulder could come out of retirement to make sure that it's really terrorism and not the work of aliens!

Uh, oh. If you're next then my turn is rapidly approaching. Erm...feel free to take your time, G.

S said...

House AND McDreamy on one show???????are you trying to kill me here??????
write it.

krysten said...

i like joe's idea!

mulder! mulder! mulder!