Thursday, February 09, 2006

I can't believe he's going back to her...

But given his new look, they deserve each other.

He looks very gay. At the very least metrosexual. Ken, I loved you just the way you were, tan, buff, and driving that hot jeep.

Seriously, that does not look like a messanger bag, it looks like a 60's hippie chick purse.

(props to Shell for the story.)

More information has now been released about the murder of Rachel and Lillian Entwistle. They've arrested husband, Neil.

No shit, really?

But as Martha Coakley the Middlesex County DA reminded us, he remains innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It's still bizarre, because what prosecutors are alleging is that it was a failed murder-suicide plot. Seems more like he's a scumbag coward considering I don't think he like, just missed his head and shot himself in the foot and went, "oh shit let me try that again, damn that hurts forget it" more like "What was I thinking? I don't want to be dead. Ok, let me go put the gun back and get the eff out of here." How do you shoot a precious little nine month old, not to mention your wife? There is so much evil in the world I don't know why I'm even asking that or why it should surprise me. Anyway, let the media feeding frenzy begin.

I am off to shop with the kids. Big snow coming this weekend! Whee!


Bee said...

I think the Barbie people are about 5 years behind. lol. I love that they are getting back together. Nothing says love more than a 50+ years dating relationship. Talk about freedom! LOL.

MyUtopia said...

I do not like your hair ken!

Joe said...

Ah, Ken and Barbie...the 70's version of Nick and Jessica. I guess there's hope for those two crazy kids, too!

krysten said...

UGH! he looks like the Hasselhoff in that ooga-chukka video!

Bee said...

LOL Krysten!!!!!! I had nightmares after watching the video!