Friday, February 10, 2006


No, not like, Adam West and Burt Ward but in fresh powder, which I hope Sunday River will have come Sunday morning after this huge snowstorm! :)

Back Monday. I'll be one year closer to 40 by then. Ugh!

Ciao, Ciao!


KyuBall said...

Have fun...we haven't had nearly enough snow for my taste.

Anonymous said...

Be careful with the Blizzard


Lisa said...

Have a great time skiing--happy birthday!!!!! Hey, even 15 year olds get one year closer to 40 every birthday... heh.

And since I just read your last several posts, I'll add some comments on them here: Prison break was one I couldn't find time for, either, but that one guy was so pretty/manly that I could hardly stay in an upright position while watching. I would always melt into a puddle of some kind before it was at the first commercial break....and House! I've just discovered that. SO great.

And Aw....loved your birthday post to your oldest. Yeah...becoming a mother is pretty darned indescribable and wonderful.

MyUtopia said...
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MyUtopia said...

Happy Birthday! I always hear the mouse from Cinderella in my head when I say that : ) I love how he says it and giggles.

MK said...

Hope you had a happy snowy b-day. Jo and I thought of you. She got snowed in here with babies. I need to say publically that divine providence brought her to us on a weekend trapped indoors with 3 under 3. She lays a mean train track for Thomas. And she is very good a baby holding. Perhaps leave that day job??

Anonymous said...

Oh, to be one year closer to 40..... happy b'day, G!

love, Judi