Monday, February 13, 2006

I defy definition

The sunlight is sparkling like diamonds off the mounds of pure white snow that surround my house. It's very pretty, until the roads get slushy and dirt splayed, and my driveway freezes over like a skating rink since the plow guy never gets down to the pavement.
I do love snowstorms like this though. We did not have to hunker down for it this time as we headed up to ski country, which did not get two feet of snow. Bastards.
Hello, Mother Nature?
Yes, um... I was wondering if you could arrange for less snow in the city where we have to function, and more snow in the mountains where people want to play?
I'm sorry what did you say about greenhouse gases?
Look, as soon as Toyota makes a hybrid minivan I'm there, but I'm not tooling around in a Hummer so why punish me?
For the record I voted for pro-environmental Democrats.
Anyway where was I? Oh, so it was supposed to snow over night into Sunday morning, and we were going to have a beautiful Sunday. When we found out it had intensified and slowed down, we hemmed and hawed all Saturday afternoon on whether or not we should go home early, but decided to be reckless and stay. It was a good call because it was pretty much all done in MA and the roads were clear by the time we left late in the day. I can't believe NYC got so much. I talked to my sister yesterday. She has this little Pomeranian named Cosmo, and when she shoved her back door open through 18 inches of snow it was like up to his eye brows. She said he turned and looked at her with this expression that said, "Oh please just let me pee in the house."
These huge blizzards love to come on my birthday and throw a wrench in plans.
Mother Nature?
Wait! Don't hang up!
What's with the blizzards on my birthday?
Remember my Sweet 16? None of my friends from Woodhaven or Manhattan could come.
I know, I did get to ski yesterday but it was touch and go for a while.
Plus I don't need the stress, and I didn't get the fresh powder I wanted.
You really don't give a shit do you?
So, happiness did come in the form of my kids had school, since the morons already wasted a snow day or two when it turned out to be nothing. So I am camped out writing. I need to go to the grocery store but I abhor the thought of getting dressed and going out. I am going to work on what happens next to Gregor, and submit something to
Thank you for the all the well wishes by the way. :) MK that is awesome that you had Jobee there to play, I agree she is good that that.

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MyUtopia said...

Welcome Back! Sorry about the blizzard chica! Check out the video I blogged, it is an interesting social action piece. Stay home, relax.