Monday, February 13, 2006

Because some days one post is never enough

First of all before I forget, I want Leesa to know I wiped down the handle of my shopping cart at the grocery store this morning. (Yes I did get dressed and go.)

Then, surprise surprise, a huge bouquet of long stem roses arrived with balloons. So someone is forgiven for being soooooo consumed by the weather forecast that he forgot to wish me a happy birthday. Hee.

Finally, I did post a story up at Gather. Many of my friends have read it already, but I wanted to share it with new visitors. If you are a member of Gather please feel free to rate and comment on it. (This is for a contest and I could win a trip to Jamaica!) The site is pretty cool actually. My friend Shell invited me over there. I haven't done much with it yet, but from what I've seen it's kind of like a cross between a blog and a community forum. You have networks and share work, have others read and comment, and you can also exchange goods and services based on how much "cash" you earn from how popular your work is. Anyway, some of you might want to check it out *cough* Lisa *cough* there might be some benefits to getting exposure over there.

Ok, must put on mommy/homemaker hat now.


Anonymous said...

G, as I've said before, I love that story. Personally, I think it's your best.
- Judi

Joe said... get roses and balloons for wiping down the handle of a shopping cart? ;-)

MyUtopia said...

Albertson's store here now gives those antiseptic wipes to wipe down carts. I figure I have had almost 30 years of touching or even licking (when I was little, not anymore) experience with the cart. I don’t think I need to start wiping it down now. That and I am too lazy to bother with it.

Jamie: said...

I totally do. Of course, I also sneak out of church and wash my hands after that part where you greet everyone around you with a warm handshake. *shudders*

Jobee said...

Happy Birthday! I didn't forget, I was just snowbound in DC. And Happy V day too

Giovanna said...

I know you were snowbound. Katie told me what fun you all had. I must hear about the babies, they are so adorable in the pictures.

I am most likely down there this weekend, are you around?

Lisa said...

Well, I'm always up for a little exposure!!!!!! Ha...couldn't resist that lil pun. I will definitely check it out--thanks for thinking of me, even though I'm a total slacker. :)

Happy VD. (I realllly like saying it that way, because it highlights the chees-iosity of the day...)

Lisa said...

Just read the story and joined the site so I could rate it--a 10, easy. Holy cow that was great!

Giovanna said...

Rock on to some Pearl Jam woman, and get writing. Muchas gracias.

I have to say, I wanted to comment on your recent flow of words, but I doubted I could come up with anything better than the rest of your fanboy club. ha! But I needed a shower myself.

Happy VD to everyone as well. Sorry no post today, I was busy preparing for a romantic evening. *weg*

Jobee said...

I should be around --

As for the shopping cart story, the Mythbusters did a thing on toothbrushes and fecal matter is all around -- so I wouldn't be too concerned about the cart. What doesn't kill you....I ride the subway every day -- I am invinceable!!!!!(did I spell that right?)