Thursday, January 05, 2006

Social frivolity

Jack Abramoff: Washington Madam (Katie that's just for you!)

Jon Stewart is hosting the Oscars this year! I hope it's not another Letterman thing where no one gets his humor and it gets bad reviews. I *heart* Jon.

Our department at work has imposed a new dress code. Given the fact that all previous attempts at encouraging proper dress has failed to make an impression on the staff, they are encouraging our technicians to purchase a uniform. I shit you not. There are two large racks (the kind you'd hang your coat on at a church social or something...) with clothing "samples" hanging on them sitting in our front office area so people could see the colors and check sizes. Anyway, as I passed it just now on my way to buy an ice cream from the vending machine I was struck with a brilliant idea.

How cool would it be to take those racks of clothes and push them down Cambridge Street and down to Charles Circle where all the homeless hang out under the Longfellow Bridge and give them out?! Though my friends conceded that even they wouldn't want to wear them.


Daniel said...

Dress code? Uniforms? I would be concerned if I walked into an American business and all the technicians were wearing uniforms, unless of course they worked on telephones or cars - then I guess that would be OK. Is this dress code in the vein of 'beatings shall continue until morale improves?'

Giovanna said...

Is this dress code in the vein of 'beatings shall continue until morale improves?'

LOL Nah. It's so some of the kids don't wear their baseball caps, brow piercings, or show their midriffs. It's a hospital, so instead of business technicians, think aides, orderlies, delivery people who may not necessarily wear "scrubs".

Anonymous said...

Aren't you glad you don't have to wear a uniform. And aren't you even happier that mgmt doesn't check us out on weekends as we'd be so screewed. You would be amazed at what some people will wear to work. Uniforms remind me of the old Chineese communism clothes-now those were uniforms. It ssure does make shopping easier. Hope you're working tomorrow so I'm not bored here. Plus you should try on a uniform you might look really hot in it. bbob

Jobee said...

I'm all for uniforms - esp for those in public facilities like hospitals. Why not? It's cheaper and much less stressful in the morning. And considering Ann Taylor has nothing except the same black suit every year, I'm halfway there.

Jamie: said...

I'm all for uniforms, too, because that way every piece of clothing in my closet is there because I LIKED it and not because "well, I could wear that to work." And also, I like to keep my RL Self separate from my Work Self.

"Beware of enterprises that require new clothes."

Giovanna said...

I should have known clothing would elicit a passionate response. :p

Jo I am so glad you found the boots. I wish I was at the shoe sale! Give my love to the monks.

Giovanna said...

Oh, and Bob you crack me up. I will see you this weekend so you wont be bored.