Sunday, January 08, 2006

Dorian Gray

I got my nails done, they look lovely. OPI "Italian Love Affair" (The OPI site has a "try it on feature" that is pretty cool, because it does show what the color will look like on you. My example for instance, is a much lighter pink than in the bottle.)

Hello, my name is G, and I am vain. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Show me a woman who isn't to some degree. Even if you don't wear make-up or dresses you still wash and comb your hair so people don't think you're skanky.

Anyway, the other day I mentioned creams. Not these kind, but something equally mysterious: moisturizers.

Why does there have to be soooooooooo many? I can see comparing Oil of Olay to Loreal, but each company has multiple product lines. I swear they do it just to piss us off. Either that or they hope we'll try each one in our quest, thus lining their pockets further. Even navigating the Loreal website researching for this post was a nightmare! Hydra-Renewal! Skin Perfect! Revita-Lift! Do I want to erase wrinkles? Prevent visible signs of aging? Gently exfoliate? All of the above! Night or day? SPF or Vitamin C?

What really set me in a quandry this purchase, was picking up the jar that read "for mature skin." *cue forboding commercial break music*

That pesky birthday is approaching, and this year a milestone is hovering even closer. Do I have mature skin, I wondered? Have I graduated from retinols and fruit acids, to collagen and microbeads? I looked at myself in the mirror a few weeks ago, and I no longer saw a girl who could pass for 29. In one year I aged 10. God, stress is a bitch.

Hence vanity reared her ugly (or is it pretty?) head. I was a late bloomer. It took me until I was thirty to learn how to apply make-up well. Modern advances in hair styling products and Wonder Bras have made it possible for me to look pretty put together for a middle-aged moma. (MILF anyone? LOL) I have always taken pride in the fact that I always looked younger than I actually was, and I will admit; I am not happy at the thought it's all catching up with me.

Beauty is only skin deep they say. Are my fine lines a sign I need to "grow up" and act my age? Is the "portrait" I see in the mirror trying to tell me something?

I had been taking better care of myself, with yoga, exercise, and better eating. When I saw my sister in Florida last November she and her friend went on about how great I looked. Perhaps I need to get back to applying that salve to my spirit, and then I won't need one for my face.

Of course you know I will though. ;-)


Jamie: said...

Ohh, G! I'm only 29, okay, and can still TO-tally pass for 24, I know... but I'm getting my first big stress wrinkle, the one between my eyes from crinkling. Now's the time for the cream, right? My mom is 55 and looks 45, but we have really different skins, and me with the basal cell carcinoma and the vascular rosacea needs all the help I can get. I've always used Purpose cleanser and moisturizer with sunscreen... I think it's time to add an eye cream. Let me know what you find that I shouldn't age 10 more years without. :-)

Oh, and I'm going to be in NYC Feb 16-26... care to join me? I'm working 16-23 (Thurs to Thurs) and staying in JC the rest of the weekend.

Giovanna said...

Blimey! That's winter break for the kids. I have to think about all this now, as I was going to be up at the condo. (Sure you don't want to fly up to Portland for the weekend instead of JC and I'll get you?) I'm trying to find a weekend to scoot down to NYC and see sissy and my parents too, before she gets too preggers.

I hear good things about the ROC eye cream. I bought the Loreal, just because they are my sister's client and I like to make sure they do well. LOL