Thursday, January 05, 2006

The music and the mirror

I have some new music recs for all y'all. (By now you should know to trust me on this stuff.) The British invasion seems to be continuing because two of these artists are from the UK.

First up is KT Tunstall. She is sassy as all hell, and reminds me a little of Susan Tedeschi, Paula Cole, and Joss Stone rolled into one. The single out to listen for or download is "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree." (You can sample it at her site actually.) It kicks major ass.

The The Fray is a new band out of Denver. Their catchy release "Over My Head" is getting a lot of airplay in the Boston area. I went to iTunes to grab it, and the reviews of the CD were so glowing I bought the whole thing. If you like Coldplay, DCC, or Keane you'll like these guys.

Finally, my sweeties Jack J. and Jamie Cullum have some serious competition with newcomer James Blunt (That's with no silent "H" LOL) If you've heard his sweet voice singing "You're Beautiful" you'll know who I'm talking about. You have to go read his bio but briefly, he comes from a family of men who've been fighting in the British Army since like, forever. He himself ended up in Kosovo as part of the peace keeping operation. My favorite section of the write up is this:
He went to California in September 2003, to record his album, and discovered that being a slightly scruffy English boy in Los Angeles could be very pleasant. Staying at the home of an actress, he spent his days recording with Rothrock, and his nights...well...researching LA's club scene. "With my na├»ve background, it was like stepping into a devil's cauldron," he says, in happy reminiscence. He recorded the painfully poignant track "Goodbye, My Lover" in the actresses’ bathroom, where she kept an old piano.

I clicked on his pictures and he's a hottie!

So that's my music news. The other thing on my mind today is face cream. But now that I think about it, that could turn into 500 words easy so I best leave it for another post later or tomorrow.

Ciao ciao.


Jamie: said...

speaking of face cream: I went to the dermatologist today (no new carcinomas!) and I apparently have mustered up some vascular rosacea. Seems triggers are heat (hot bath or hot tea), cold weather, spicy food, alcohol, and emotional stress. HA! I was like, have you been reading my diary?

So, I got some fancy Rx cleanser and a topical gel.


Giovanna said...

I'm so glad you are still cancer free!

MK said...

G, the face cream thoughts above made me think--was it you or one of the T's who burned her eyelids at the beach one summer? That's been one of those things that stuck with me all these years. Do whatever necessary to not burn eyelids. Note to self.