Monday, January 02, 2006

no day like today

Before I write about anything else, I have to jot down this story from Christmas I forgot. If someone ever dares you to try an "every flavor bean," say no.

[Grey's Anatomy]Seriously. No Seriously.[/Grey's Anatomy]

You may think, how bad could it be?

Try fish.


Serves me right for putting them in the stockings.

Anyway. I'm home from Maine. As wonderful as the skiing was Tues and Wed, the rain really put a damper (pun intended) on the terrain later in the week. I barely escaped with my life down the top of Barker. *sigh* Pray for snow; not here in Massachusetts!

I want to write more of substance but I need to catch up on the world, life, etc...

Ciao till tomorrow.


Rajesh Warrier said...

Although ... it's started snowing !!

Jamie: said...

yep, I can identify with the every-flavor beans. I got tomato once, which sounds better than fish but... still, EW.

S said...

Seriously. I have had the beans and they are bad. I have heard of the earwax one's and the booger one's, too, but have not had them!

I miss Greys Anatomy! Waaahhh.

Giovanna said...

Is this Jamie's friend Sandi? :) I have so many new people visiting I am so psyched.

Alas none of this snow is going further north. *pouts* The kids had no school today for almost nothing. Granted they needed another day of recouping from the week away.

Jamie you in Tex-ass now? When are we going to meet up babe?

Giovanna said...

Wait a minute, is Grey's on a long hiatus? Or are they back next week?

I miss them too. I miss McDreamy. I miss Christina. I miss Izzy. I heard there's gonna be a lurve triangle with her too! They have to keep Alex part jerk I guess.

Does anyone else watch Boston Legal?

Anonymous said...

My kids actually like the "booger" flavored one. They hate "Vomit" though. Me? I think they are all GROSS!