Thursday, December 29, 2005


Mmmm... they are building a fire in the pit outside and it smells really good.

So, needless to say, so Wifi at the vacation spot. I am sitting at the Shipyard pub in Whitecap lodge (which did have net access!) enjoying a beverage while my kids spend every cent I have on arcade games. If the bigger two knew how many times littlest one came in here to get more $$ from me they'd have a fit!

The skiing has been wonderful. I ventured out on some more advanced terrain and didn't kill myself, and the kid's ski club had pizza party night so I enjoyed some Mexican food and Margaritas with another couple whose son skis with littlest one.

Today, alas it is raining, hence I bribed children with quarters and the internet gods answered my ping. I have net, beer and French onion soup at the bar.

We went tubing. I paid for two hours. I should know better. I thought it was great fun, but for some reason, the boys running the tubing park didn't think we were going fast enough. They put these plastic "lids" on the bottom of the tube to help us go faster. I thought I was going to fly out of the park! My tailbone hit a bump and I am walking funny now. It was a hit with kids though.

Justin is very sad that I wont give him any more quarters. I'd go broke if I stayed online any longer. lol

talk to you all soon,

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