Monday, December 26, 2005

Bling bling

Hee. In this case bling= a Kitchen Aid HP Professional series 5 Qt. Mixer. Whoot! I've wanted one desperately for years. My biggest one made me a bracelet watch that was just beautiful!

We had a marvelous day. The kids said it was the "Best Christmas Evah!" I have great pictures to upload at some point. Including J doing his little victory dance when he realized the new snowboard was for him. My dinner came out fabulous, even with all the wine and champagne I consumed. :p The kids played with their cousins all day, always a treat.

Now, I must do a load of laundry, clean up more kitchen mess, (unless I can convince daddy to do more, but he has pretty much done all of it so far! yikes!) and pack to drive up to Bethel, ME.

Pray for WiFi in somewhere in the condo complex!



Jamie: said...

aahhh, the coveted KitchenAid. I want one too. Since I flew home, I got money to put toward one. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

This definitely was the best X-mas evah, G! You out-did yourself with the dinner! And seeing Justin's snowboard dance made all my aches & pains worth it!!! ('Course, his dancing to Rachel's Christmas carol piano concert wasn't too shabby either.)
love, Judi

Daniel said...

Cool - KitchenAids - accept no substitutes.

Unless it is a Sony DLP 50-inch HDTV - then I might take that over mixer.

And no, I did not get nor expect the TV for Xmas. Just saying comparitively I would have other priorities.