Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I won't be serving dead chickens, that's for sure

The voting was close, but who needs therapy when you have chocolate? Yes, Americans spend $13 billion on chocolate. However, if you eat the dark variety it's good for you. :) I have a new poll for your (or my) amusement.

This cold is kicking my ass. My husband asked if it was bird flu. That's doubtful since I haven't been playing with any dead chickens. Though I did make homemade chicken soup last week... (If Turkish children really have nothing better to play with than dead chickens I have a few cartons of toys to ship over there. Seriously. Seriously. I hope that was just poor translating.)

My girlie-girl princess turns 9 on Saturday. She is having her BFF sleep over with their American Girl dolls, and has requested make your own pizzas for dinner and chocolate truffle cake. The fact that she thinks mommy is capable of providing all this for her (instead of a party at Skate Palace or dinner at Bugaboo Creek) makes me feel very loved and useful. I guess in some respects motherhood agrees with me. Time to break out the new mixer!

I also realized book club is at my house. Tomorrow. I have lots of work to do.


Leesa said...

So, did you visit the story site to see what we started?

It is not exactly the genre I am most comfortable with, but I think that adds to my enjoyment of writing. Sort of stretching oneself. Let me know if you want in. You can even ask for an invite on that site or prata's site.

Giovanna said...

I skimmed it,(I tend to surf from the kitchen while doing house stuff.) I will definately try to sit down tonight and read it through, and yours and prata's sites.

Expanding horizons is good for your skills, for sure. We did something similar for fun at a message board I used to be at. Thanks for stopping by. :)