Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Foodie food foodles

Brangelina are pregnant! I called that weeks ago, you know. Not that I called it here, I did it to my other celebrity gossip-whore friends at work. I think she's gorgeous but I hate her. 'nuff said.

Britney Spears topped Blackwell's Worst Dressed list. Big surprise. Can we put her, Kfed, and Brangelina on the plane to nowhere now?

I have to fly; pizza dough and cookies await me. Making dough is so therapeutic. I can't wait to pound the shit out of it. LOL I'm a bit manic today. The hubby said I am making him crazy when I swing. *huggles hubby* That's where the tag line for the blog comes from sweetie. You get a medal for dealing with me...

"Just when you think,
you got me figured out
The season's already changing
I think it's cool, you do what you do
And don't try to save me"

But before I go, the reason I came on to post at all is to plug some new found friends, and a collaborative story that I am going to participate in. It's called "Just Waking" and there is some fine writing going on. Hopefully my additions will be just as good, LOL. Keep checking out my sidebar as I link more of these very cool people.



Leesa said...

g: I got an e-mail from ~deb this morning. She is really busy for the next few days.

So can you write something for the next installment.

Leesa said...

And, sweetie, the poll listed on your site - wasn't the book written by the first lady at the time?

Giovanna said...

Well, I was going by this recent release:

Kennedy writes book

But "Millie" did pen a book with Dubya's mum, yes. Hee.

I will do my best to pen an installment. I told prata this AM that I have a company coming over tonight so I have been cooking, and kids and activities, blah blah, and I work tomorrow. If the girls leave early, and or work is quiet I will add to the story for sure. If not then, Friday. Is that ok?

Leesa said...

Sure, by Friday is fine.