Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Drop the Chalupa!

I must get this for my sister.

Ok, remember what I said about feeling ugly and getting old? Forget that crap. I look hot today. It's amazing what getting a hair cut and your brows done does for your perspective. The cut kicks, so I dressed up in my favorite Express slacks that hug my butt in all the right places, and a stretchy lace blouse that makes me look like I have a chest. A little make-up...voila! Hottie Housewife.

My pizza came out awesome. Oh, I forgot to say I made pizza for my book club party, which was very fun by the way. (Georgia! You're gonna get a slap for not coming!) I think this Kitchen Aid mixer has to be the best mechanical device ever created. (ok, maybe second best... :p)

For some reason blogger won't publish the post I created this morning so I am trying this one.
Have a super day. I hope to write the next installment of the story for the group.


Jamie: said...

G, you know you can change the date/time, right? Go to "edit post" and click on "post and comment options" on the bottom left of the box where you type. You can modify and then it will show up where you want it to.

Giovanna said...

Well dag nabit I was looking around for that kind of option and I couldn't find it. Thanks J.

Jamie: said...

you can do it at any time, too... like, if you want to throw any post back up to the top.