Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Happy hump day.

Everybody hump! ;-)

My house has become the "play at" house. I suppose this is good for my kids, since I think it's a cool status symbol to have your house be the one everyone wants to play at. Sucks for me because I am perpetually feeding them and handing out juice boxes. At least I am not chasing mine all over the neighborhood so I guess that's good. Actually, it hasn't been that bad since winter came, but today was early dismissal for the grade school so after the wet snow lost it's charm they all came in for video games and PB&J.

I went to the gym today. Laud me, clap for me, praise me like a good doo-bee. I have not been since Halloween, and the 7 pounds of fat I lost and or converted to muscle has settled back to where it was most comfortable, namely my belly and ass. I want it off again before bathing suit weather! All I did was run on the treadmill and do some abs, but I was in the building. It felt good. It was the jumpstart I needed. I got the schedule, so I am planning on 3 days a week. I have to do it! And no more cookies! And Chicken wings! Or French fries! I have to be buff by spring so I can wear all those sleeveless shirts and look like Linda Hamilton in Terminator. I also want to run the 5K again this spring for the Oak Grove Farm fundraiser so I need to train again for that. I lost all my stamina. *sniff*

Just Walking was updated and prata kicked it up a notch. :)


Leesa said...

I normally don't worry about bikini shape until February. Can't I have a few more days of Cheetoes and sweaters?

Congrats at being the "play at" house. That is quite an honor.

bbob said...

I didn't see any 7 lbs of fat on you & I really looked. You're more buff then thos in the Be Fit club. I'm not saying you shouldn't work out but not for the reason you're stating.