Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Plastic Princesses

I'm nesting. (No, I'm not pregnant!) I just feel like hunkering down under the blankets to read or write. I want to cook rich homey meals like roasts and stews, or bake bread. I want the phone not to ring, and the outside world not to intrude for the next month or two.

Sadly, that's not going to happen, eh? I can however cook. Meatloaf is the order of the day. I need to actually dress and leave the house since we need groceries. I am trying to plan for the rest of the week, since we are headed north Friday---maybe I can prep some extra dishes to bring for apres ski. God knows that's one time I don't feel like cooking. LOL I am thinking braised short ribs, and maybe a pulled pork shoulder. Mmmmm... meat.

I was reading about a local art exhibit that I really would like to go see. It's called "Plastic Princess: Barbie as art" and it's at the Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA. You must look at the photos the link provides; some of the works are just hysterical and thought provoking, and all focus on Barbie and the impact she's had as a cultural icon. There is some heavy shit in the subtext of many of the pieces. Barbie in a gilded cage as a pet, victimized by a Hollywood casting director, and served up on a skillet to feed the hungry masses all seem to make a powerful commentary on women, image, and the perhaps the role society and marketing has played though a popular doll. But "Queen Kong"---complete with a gorilla suit clad Ken in her clutches, puts all notions of weakness to bed.


Joe said...

Sounds delicious. Erm, I mean the dinner not the Barbie thing.

Mind if I swing up and join you and the family for dinner?

Giovanna said...

:) Hee. There is always room at my table for guests.

I now have bags upon bags of groceries to put away. Ugh!

Oh- Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke?
Two thumbs up.

Jobee said...

I think you are setting a bad example for your kids. Moms shouldn't have the time to "braise" and bake bread. TV dinners and ordering in for pizza is the way it's supposed to be. Get back to working 60 hours a week!

Anonymous said...

Bulemic Barbi cracked me up


Giovanna said...

Jobee, why don't you come live on my couch for two months and I'll bake and cook healthy meals for you while you watch TV instead? :p

I can't believe you had no comments on Barbie!

Jobee said...

Thanks, but nah - I have to be the big power woman of the group while the rest of you deal with hoards of kids. I enjoy wearing Calvin Klein without the fear of peanut butter stains.