Thursday, January 26, 2006


Michael Coviello has balls. Big ones. And if you linger under the stairwell at his Hasbrouck Heights high school while they change periods you might get a glimpse of them. You see, Michael has been wearing skirts to school to protest the district's ban on shorts after Oct.1 until spring.

Michael had been wearing shorts for the better part of three years due to having braces on his legs from a knee injury. The braces are now off, yet he is still used to the comfort of shorts and prefers to wear them. A clash with the superintendent on the issue, in which Michael pointed out the inequality of rules that allow girls to bare their legs by wearing skirts, resulted in him being told, "then dress like a girl." When he did, they sent him home as well, so the ACLU got involved.

So he did. I bet no one gives him shit either, he looks like he could beat the crap out of you.

Good for you Michael Coviello, civil disobedians everywhere laud you.

We have a guy at work who always brings out that double standard at work when it comes to dress code discussions. He thinks we women should then have to wear a tie. Dude, the Annie Hall thing is so passe, you should pull a Coviello and wear a skirt---just remember the fingertip length rule!

I feel like I should have something more of substance to say. Things have been busy though, and my thoughts are garbled and intersecting, throwing each other off course---derailing I guess. I am going to yoga tomorrow, (I hope) and maybe thay will help my concentration. We can only hope!


Leesa said...

I don't mind if some men wear skirts. If they have the legs for it!

Lisa said...

Good for him. I can understand more in a workplace, since shorts are considered very casual, and skirts aren't, but a high school? Sillies.

And yay for getting back into the gym!! I'm with you. It feels so great. I love my body when it's strong and lean.