Friday, January 20, 2006

Curious George

Like the new header? *g* I have to give props to the little sissy for helping me make that. She is the queen of all things graphic and rendered. The more I visit other people's blogs though I wish to modify this even further, or learn how to manipulate an external custom template.

Curious George The Movie will open in theaters Feb 10th (oooh two days before my birthday, maybe the kids will take me!) and I am so excited. Why, you ask? Because Jack Johnson has penned original music for the soundtrack. Whee! I heard the theme song and I love it. He is so perfect to do music for this. I heard a snippet of an interview with him on the radio and he said something to the effect that you'll hear the lyrics and music over certain scenes, because George doesn't talk of course. :) Check out the bonus video feature on the films page and you can see behind the scenes of him recording it.

Today I have great plans to free write, get my nails done, and bake cookies. I certainly am a multifaceted amalgam of a woman huh? LOL Take that Martha!

Speaking of cookies, I am starving. I have to confess, I have developed a weakness for the inappropriate highly sugared cereals that I buy my kids. (Hey, General Mills says "Made with whole grains" so how bad can it be?) If there are Reeses Puffs or Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the house, I'm a goner.

Happy TGIF!

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