Thursday, January 19, 2006

This isn't a rehearsal

It's kind of freaky, really. The other night while watching the 24 (and I am saying "the 24" just because Lisa made me laugh so hard when I read her comment.) I was struck with a momentary feeling of discomfort, much like what you feel when you make fun of something or someone you shouldn't, or when you see something not meant for you. It was when the terrorists who had taken over the airport terminal made a television address to the country with a hostage on his knees and a gun to his head. Unfortunately, that isn't just fiction, and it hit close. This poor journalist was then paraded on Al Jazeera in front of the world saying she will be killed in 72 hours if all female Iraqi prisoners are not released. Iraq authorities did release six women today, but claimed it was not related to the kidnapper's demands. While I hope it still counts toward Jill Caroll getting her freedom, I hope it's not seen as precedent setting. Jill is local, she went to UMass and is out of the Boston office of the Christian Science Monitor. It's terribly sad, every time a hostage situation like this presents itself it is. It isn't right.

On a brighter note however, you may recall I posted a ways back about a father trying to stop the state from removing his daughter, whom he is under suspicion of beating, from life support by claiming he was her defacto guardian and it should be his decision. Luckily, the State sided with DSS. Interestingly enough, Haileigh Strickland is breathing on her own and showing signs of responsiveness after being removed from a ventilator and having a tracheostomy tube placed, so plans to remove her feeding tube have been put on hold while doctors perform more tests. Amazing huh? I also heard that the miner from West VA was improving from his coma.

Sorry to be a downer. Life is short, go hug someone.


MK said...

this damn war started a month after first son was born (meaning no npr for this post partum mom) and it has the the cold blooded murders of civilian hostages that send me over the edge. i had to start an art journal about this topic since i could not cart the newborn to anti war protests, i know i am a slacker ; 0
thanks for writing about it. currentlt typing with one hand holding 2nd son in other. he put on a pound in a week -- i gotta lay off the chocolate

Giovanna said...

You my dear, are one of my heros. Seriously. And I want to hug you. I should start making plans to come now, since God knows I need months in advance to plan a weekend off from work, and ski season needs to be done, and I'd most likely fly, and not drive for two days. (because I would stop in NYC and visit and go out with the family, sleep, then go further south.) I can't wait to hold babies! Chocolate is good, a pound a week is good! Please, Ian was like that, he was a porker at 12 weeks, and he's a rail now.

Where is this art journal? Have you taken any photographs that I could link to? And listen slacker, that's what the snugglis are for, put boy child in front and girl in back, hands are free for flipping off cops and various congressmen.