Friday, January 20, 2006

Afternoons and coffee spoons

Update: First of all I just wanted to say that this morning when I was hungry, I reached for the Maple Pecan Clusters cereal thinking I would be all good and healthy and shit...

Well, I was about to post how the clusters had 250 calories vs. 130 for the Cinnamon Toast Crunch, not to mention much more fat and carbs, but the serving sizes don't compare. Though how much bigger can 2/3 vs. 3/4's be anyway. (And yes, I know I'm the pharmacist, but I learned that crap 20 years ago now.) Whatever. I still think the kid's cereal is actually better for me than the Trader Joe's thing.

I added a few new blog links that I must pimp. First of all, although the name of his blog suggest impropriety, you won't find smut over at Dave's place. He has a wicked funny video over there right now. Then there is Joe, who is wicked funny from what I have read. He is also contributing to the writing project, and in NYC, so he's cool by default. Finally, I am adoring Sandi's style of relaying family life. She has three teens, and I am already frightened.


Joe said...

Isn't the diference between 2/3 and 3/4 about .09?

Thanks for pimpin my blog. Do I owe you a percentage at the end of every night?

Giovanna said...

"No one likes a math geek Scully."

:p Philes anyone?

No payment required. I wish you lots of traffic. Actually I was thinking about how we could form a writer's workshop online, after reading Leesa's post about getting started. Interested?

Jobee said...

I didn't really like Blink, not the topic, but the style of writing. Why is everything that is almost a book published nowadays?

And that Joe blog is funny - is he single in NYC?

Giovanna said...

You never like any of my books, you're such a snob. :p

I am not familiar with Joe's marital status, Joe, care to respond? LOL

Jamie: said...

I have Blink, too, G, right in my bag. About to start it. I looooved "The Tipping Point" and am always trying to incorporate more non-fiction into my novel spread. Just at first glance it doesn't look as good as The Tipping Point - but what sophomore hits are?

G, you should add "The Short History of Nearly Everything" by Bill Bryson to your list.

Giovanna said...

I almost bought that for our holiday gift exchange, and yes it's on my mental list after hearing you and Gen rave about it.

I also want to add that Jobee's blog is pretty funny too (especially if you are obsessed with monks), although maybe moreso to me because I know her... but she's on the link list.

Daniel said...

A writer's workshop is a great idea. I am definately interested.

The only question is as to the how. I know you and I have discussed this in the past. Is it a blog? Open? Closed? By invitation? Edited? Free forum? These are some of the details I have been thinking about.

By the way - I like the new header.

Giovanna said...

This is what I was thinking, and I will start a post about it one of these days. Interested parties ideally will have something prepared to be workshopped, anywhere from 500-5000 words. We can pick one or two people each meeting (monthly? Bi-weekly? I think weekly is hard for most of us) to e-mail copies to everyone in the group, and we can meet in a java chat to give our feedback, and even give copies back with comments inserted.

S said...

hey thanks for the link to my blog!

I love cinnamon toast crunch! My fave!