Friday, November 18, 2005

Everything counts in large amounts

I had an appointment in the city this morning, which I was not really looking forward to, but it afforded me the chance to shop in Downtown Crossing. I need shoes for the Snow Ball.

First of all, who decided vests were back "in"?

No one had any decent special occasion shoes. WTF?

On a brighter note, I heard Paul McCartney's "Wonderful Christmas Time" for the first of probably 200 times before December 25th. Then on my way back home to get to a nail appointment (yes I have become a whore to acrylic nails) I got a speeding ticket. This old trooper said two words to me, "License and registration," and then practically threw the summons in the car and took off without a word. I didn't even get to act penitent. Too bad he wasn't younger, I looked hot today in the 5 speed wearing my leather jacket and new Brighton sunglasses. Though perhaps if I looked less hot I wouldn't have gotten the ticket. My friend (who I met tonight for dinner- Hi Shell!!) Shell's mom once got out of a ticket with her homemade banana muffins. I always think of that when I get pulled over. Not that I get pulled over that much mind you. Well, actually I do, but the last few times I have avoided the ticket. I guess even my luck runs dry every once in a while.

Two more novelties that were just too good not to pass on. This... I have no words, and the damn site won't let me past its own marketing description. You must click on the link.

Jane had a blurb about Rapex, an anti-rape condom/device for women. Controversy aside, it sickens me that such a product is even deemed necessary or marketable.

Tomorrow I bake pie for co-workers. Ain't I a nice person?


Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the Sacfree underwear for men!


Bob said...

Wish I were working so I could taste your treats & show you my new underwear. Doesnt' sound comfortable to me. Talk about letting it hang out

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Kramer saying "I'M FREE JERRY, AND I'M LOVING IT!"

jamie said...

I'm so SAD I packed away all my recipes. Last fall I made the yummiest pear-apple crumble with ginger, nutmeg, and cinammon. *pouts*

Giovanna said...

Hee! You guys are killing me. Pgh, did you notice with as much amusement as I did that my friend bob, not knowing what his name is a euphamism for in our old community, was commenting on the "sacfree" not sounding comfortable?


The pie was yummy. God, if you had been there Bob, I would have had to sit there with two Bobs, because Bob Baloney was working too! LOL We had a good time. A patient called from his room in the penthouse to yell at me. I was livid.