Saturday, November 19, 2005

She told me she worked in the morning and started to laugh

It's really hard to drive under 70 mph.

I hope everyone is recovered from absurd underwear. I have more down to Earth and uplifting (no pun intended) tidbits today. The show "Weekend America" had a segment yesterday on "Operation Gratitude," a non-profit org that prepares holiday care baskets for soldiers overseas. It was founded on the premise that it helps the men and women in the armed forces' morale knowing that someone back home cares about them, and appreciates what they do.

This isn't an "Any Soldier" thing, the staff has a roster of service men and women and each gets a care package addressed specifically to them. This got me thinking, as they then also mentioned other ways to give gifts to soldiers over the holiday season, as time is pretty much out to get a general delivery package sent in time. Gift cards are available for purchase at the Commissary and the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. A representative from the Exchange service told the story of one regiment that had pooled it's gift certificates to buy steaks and threw a BBQ on their down time. They talked about how R&R and entertainment were so important, and I thought, "What if I chose a local unit from around eastern MA and raised funds for a huge gift card that they could buy themselves something cool with?" Or better yet, do any of my readers have family or a friend we could surprise with a gift of support and gratitude? If you are interested in contributing, let me know via e-mail or reply and if there is enough response I can set up something.

Niceties #2: The "Do It Your Damn Self!" National Youth Video and Film Festival" is happening in Boston and Cambridge this weekend. Kids (mainly from public housing) get submissions from high school students all over the country, choosing what they feel represent issues relevant to young people that need more exposure or discussion. You can listen to the segment here. Please check out the site to read more about them, it's really a wonderful thing to see such creativity and activism among these young people.

I think my new tagline should be, "I listen to NPR so you don't have to." LOL!

Lastly, everyone has to watch "Extreme Makeover-Home Edition" tonight. Ty and the team were in Medfield, MA last month giving the Tripp Johnson family a new home, and the episode is airing! (That is the next town over from me.)


Jobee said...

no one should have to listen to NPR. And why the need for special occasion shoes? Wear the ones you wore last year, Imelda.

MK said...

Jo, Jo, Jo...
NPR keeps a mom's brain from turning into mac and cheese permanently. Even if I am stuck at home all day I know that Meee-shell Norris will be my friend.
And when you wear a MOm's uniform of comfy clothes that can go out inteh world and handle anything, shoes are the way to dress up.
THEY ARE ALL WE GOT... don't take these few things away from us.

Giovanna said...

She's just being Jo. I'd not have her any other way. I'd rather have people rubuke me than ignore me altogether. :p Anyway, FWIW I'd wear one of the multitudes of black dress shoes in my closet but the dress is brown.

Even if I am stuck at home all day I know that Meee-shell Norris will be my friend.

OMG don't forget about Terry Gross and Robin Young! Hee.