Sunday, October 30, 2005

God gave you style and gave you grace

The Halloween story, part III. (pt I) (pt II)

Oh- I have no second set of eyes available, so bygones for typos and spelling errors!

People might be inclined to think a party attended by anthropologists and various other social and life scientists would be dull—not so. Granted, some of the costumes are esoteric; for example few people would get that the woman in safari clothes with her partner in a monkey suit was supposed to be Jane Goodall. The monkey, having had a few turns at the punch table was swinging from a cable that was probably meant to suspend a replica of Apollo 11. Jane was now getting it on out on the makeshift dance floor with a skeleton that was missing a few bones.

Casey, after enduring several jokes from acquaintances wondering if she’d brought any specimens back from Kansas, decided she had mingled enough for the evening and began looking for innocuous way out. More like a way in actually, she chuckled to herself as she slipped into a back exit stairway. The party had been in the main rotunda of the building, and Casey wound down the dim narrow stairs until she could go no further. In front of her was an industrial door with a sign that read: “Authorized Personnel Only”. Casey put her hand out to test the handle when the dull thud of the closing door above rang through the silence and she froze.

The footsteps were soft, but audible to Casey, and coming down the stairs slowly. She slid into the corner and out of the direct view of the landing above. She held her breath and hoped she was the only one who could hear her heart pounding. The steps drew closer. Casey slipped her hand under the lid of her basket to fish out the can of mace that she really did have in there. Of course she also had the gun, but such deadly force was unwarranted here, not to mention would make a lot of noise.

“I know you’re down there Casey,” said a voice. The same voice she heard outside in the park. Puck’s face appeared over the banister looking down at her.


* * * * * * *
Sorry to leave you like this, and for the brevity, but life has been hectic. A shout out to Georgia who was so nice to poke for more. :)

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