Monday, October 24, 2005

what I need is a good defense

Every Day is Halloween, Pt. II

If you're just joining us, Pt. I can be found here.

Casey was immediately irritated by the number of people in the park. Her red shoes clacking definitively along the blacktop illustrated this for the world watching. She really didn't want to be bothered with

"Hey baby I got your tornado right here, want to blow?" Shouted a boy wearing clothes two sizes too big for him but not meant to be a costume.

yeah, stuff like that. The costume party at the Hall of Science was the chance of a lifetime. When Casey received the invite from the Society of American Archeology and saw the location she jumped with glee. Reportedly, there were secret passages and vaults under the park, the access to which was located in the basement of the Hall of Science. No one knew how or why such a labyrinth would exist, but the fact that the park was built upon swampland and a former dumping ground makes one wonder what secrets might lie there. Such a discovery would garner her a bit of fame within New York's supernatural circles. Ghostbusters aside, there were many people who met and investigated sightings together. Casey preferred to work alone.

The fountains were still on at the Unisphere as she went by. The spotlights that shined up from the base were covered with orange cellophane, making the historic structure resemble an ornately carved Halloween pumpkin. "Plumpkin the big fat pumpkin" jumped to mind. Casey shuddered, remembering an unfortunate incident in her childhood having to do with the way her mother dressed her, and how mean kids can be.

No plumpkins here tonight, only a girl in blue on her way to see the wizard, who was apparently no slouch based on the catcall earlier. Now that she was passed the main area of the park, Casey finally found a little peace while she made her way across to the Hall of Science. From the overpass that spanned the expressway she could see Meadow Lake, and paused to look. If the underground tunnels failed to pan out she would head over there to see what the night might bring. Now it was time to mix and mingle.

"Going to visit grandma so late little girl?"

Startled by the voice out of nowhere, Casey spun around. Standing across the bridge was the goth man from the subway train.

"I have mace in this basket," Casey warned, "come any closer and I'll use it."

"Hey, easy there; I'm not really a wolf, I swear."

Casey stood tense, ready to spring regardless. "Are you following me?"

The man laughed, and crossed his arms in front of him. He didn't look too menancing; he had a nice face actually.

"Actually I am," he admitted. "I saw you on the train, and then watched you pass as I was sitting on the wall of the fountains. I figured it was a sign, and that I might find something interesting if I followed a costumed girl with a basket heading off into the night on Halloween."

Casey didn't know quite what to say to that, and anyway he was wasting her time.

"Look, mister…" she fumbled realizing she had no name to fill in the blank"


"Thank you. Mr. Puck, I'm sure you have…"

He cut her off. "Not Mr. Puck, just Puck. It's not a surname."

"Puck is your first name?"

"Yes, my parents were both English professors and big fans of Shakespeare. They also had an unusual sense of humor."

She resisted the urge to smile. He was delaying her plans for the evening.

"Puck, I'm actually running late, so if you'd excuse me." Casey began to step around him.

"How come you're not wearing red?" He asked as she walked away.

"Because I'm Dorothy you moron," Casey yelled back. She wasn't sure, but she might have heard him say, "I bet you're still up to something interesting," after her.

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