Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Instant Karma's gonna get you

Props to Theo Epstein for being so gracious in his public comments, but I'm sorry I don't buy it. I mean, can you imagine how much of a prick jerk Larry Lucchino must be to work with to walk away from a 3 years 4.5 million deal to do the thing you love most? Anyway, JMHO. All I know is if that they don't resign Johnny Damon I'll be heartbroken. *g*

There is nothing like Indian Summer in New England. It makes the fall even that much better, and you know how much I love fall. The weather has been incredible, with sunshine and temps in the 60's and 70's. Did you know there are criteria for weather like this to be officially called "Indian Summer?" A true Indian Summer is at least three days in a row of unseasonable warm temperatures and no precipitation, occurring after the first killing frost. I think we qualify. :) And from what I hear, the trend will continue through the weekend when I go to see my old high school homies in NYC. The reunion was cancelled because of lack of interest, (Bah!) but a few of us are still getting together. (And no, there will not be pictures... hee hee)

Things are really, really busy here at home, so I have had limited time to be here, but I have not forgotten I left poor Casey in a stairwell confronting the mysterious Puck. I will try to wrap up the story next week when I get back.


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