Monday, September 26, 2005

What a drag it is getting old

Organization lasted three weeks. I am once again the mother who can't keep anything straight and will have all the teachers shaking their heads sadly at me.

Today was picture day, and mine went to school in rags, and I was just sorting through papers from folders and there is a note from littlest one's teacher pointing out he "had no show and tell homework that week and did I send it in?"

I'm scarring them for life.

Something has to give and naturally that is computer time and blogging. Don't miss me too much. *sniff*


Brain Diva said...

You are not scarring them for life. Nobody will die for lack of show and tell. Ask the kids to help you though. You can have a family calendar that they can help you fill out or something. You need to oversee it all but they (especially the bigger ones) can help you remember some of these things. It's good to empower them to manage their lives early on; never a wasted skill.

My mom wasn't the greatest at remembering things to do. She was the woman who would forget to come pick me up for my orthodontist appointments if I didn't write a note in her cigarette pack. LOL I survived.

jamie said...

You're merely breeding independence, m'dear. People always marveled that we three made our own school lunches from about 3rd grade (I complained about what was in it, ONCE, and made my own for the rest of my life, LOL) but hey. They'll be OK.

Giovanna said...

I love how you used the word "breeding."

Cleverness becomes you.

God I love having a cheering section. :p I lurve you girls.