Wednesday, September 28, 2005

If you could read my mind love...

Quotes of the week.

Littlest One: "I wish when we died we could be born again. "
Me: (taken aback) "Why would you want that sweetheart?"
Littlest One: "Because I want to go to that pre-school, it looks fun."

Red R as we played monster disc:
"Look, mommy's got no game!"

My kitchen is clean. Kids off to school. I am so tired and ready for a nap. Now before you say, "For crying out loud G, it's not even 8:30!" it's worth noting I was awake at 4:15 and after lying awake and tossing for an hour I decided to give in, get up, make coffee, and get a jump on my day. I am shaking right now though, I fear lifting and a run is out of the question for right now. Maybe if I nap I can make yoga at 10:30.

I'll have some music rec's later when I feel like procrastinating.

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